HT60KX Heavy-Duty Service Crane 

Venturo introduces the Venturo HT60KX, a made in the US heavy-duty service crane that is purpose-built to handle whatever work demands, anywhere from agriculture and construction to municipalities and truck repair. Rated at 60,000 ft with a heavy 10,000 lb lifting capacity, and 25 and 30 ft reach options, the HT60KX delivers the brute power needed to tackle any job. The operator-friendly design and safety-redundant features of the VLC™ remote control system help make the HT60KX the long-lasting, durable crane needed to get the work done. For more, visit


Bobcat 265 and Bobcat 230 Engine-Driven Welders 

The Bobcat 265 and Bobcat 230 from Miller Electric provide dependable welding and auxiliary power for a wide variety of applications in machines that are more than 100 lbs lighter and 13% smaller than previous models. The 265 can connect to telematic systems, is equipped with a remote start/stop technology, possesses a multiprocess welder to deliver improved weld quality, has ArcReach technology that allows operators to change parameters at the weld joint without walking back to the machine, and much more. The 230 delivers a higher arc quality for 7018 and 6010 stick electrodes and have an independent welder and generator power system. For more, visit


Disc Mulcher BD Pro X

Diamond Mowers launches the new Disc Mulcher Belt Drive (BD) Pro X, a game-changing attachment for professional mulching contractors. It is coupled with a belt drive with a two-speed hydraulic motor to increase torque and disc speed. The disc speeds up during re-processing and back-dragging so operators can finish the job in less time. Available in a 60-inch cutting width to handle trees and brush up to 14-inches in diameter and mulch material up to 6 inches, it attaches to large frame skid-steers and CTLs and is paired with a 107cc variable displacement bent axis piston motor to match its hydraulic flow of 32-50 gpm. For more, visit


Trade Dress 

IronCraft, LLC updates its “trade dress” standardizing its Flat IronCraft Gray paint with optional colored accent elements on all implements and attachments. This allows dealers to standardize their inventory and then add factory kits to upfit different color options at the point of sale, or after purchase. Color accents can also be installed by end-user if they change tractor colors. Dealers can also update/change colors with in-stock inventory. IronCraft benefits from shorter lead times and reduced/simplified inventory. In addition to a new paint scheme, new decals from DuraMark Technologies have been implemented. For more, visit


Geo-Seal EFC 

Geo-Seal EFC is an innovative concrete floor barrier system that eliminates vapor intrusion for brownfields or any environmentally impaired site. Fully tested and proven highly effective against VOC vapors such as chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons, plus methane gas, Geo-Seal earns wide approval among various regulatory agencies. Typically composed of 10 mil primer (Geo-Seal® EFC PRIMER) and 20 mil coating (Geo-Seal® EFC), the system is applied to existing building concrete floors. It is designed to be a finished system designed for foot traffic, or additional flooring options such as carpet or vinyl can be installed over the system. For more, visit



Brass Knuckle® SmartCut™ (BKCR4420) offers a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) knit shell to provide ANSI cut level A4 protection without bulk, with a strength-to-weight ratio 8 to 15 times higher than steel. SmartCut has a water-based polyurethane (WBPU) coating as a palm and finger base coat. This helps reduce penetration of liquids, including light oil. Then it secures grip with a foam nitrile top coat, perfect for working with oils, petrochemicals, fuels, and most acids. Then, a sandy grip finish further enhances abrasion resistance and cut protection. For more, visit