“As a routine contributor of articles to at least five trade publications, I am always surprised and pleased to see I get the most e-mails from readers of Modern Contractor Solutions. I believe that this is a testament to the quality and usefulness of the overall publication and reflects well on the inquisitive nature of its readership. I can tell that this publication gets read. That, in itself, is remarkable considering how many publications and other reading materials arrive daily. By the way, I have met the folks at Modern Contractor Solutions at ConExpo and found them helpful, customer sensitive, and passionate about their publication. Good job.” 
Preston Ingalls | President/CEO | TBR Strategies, LLC 

“Of all the trade magazines we receive and or advertise in, yours is absolutely the best laid out, easiest to read, most detailed and researched information, and I am proud to be associated with your publication!” 
Jon Julnes | President | Vanguard ADA Systems 

“Our business keeps us busy all day, every day. I get a dozen magazines in here each month and don’t have time to read them. Finally, Modern Contractor Solutions ® covers the topics I need to see that helps me run my business, all in one magazine.” 
Dean Stage | Project Manager | Pride Construction LLC 

“I wanted to let you know we received a new customer as a result of the company reading the article about employee screening and iiX.  It is a company that had previously signed up with a competitor of ours, but was not getting good service and decided to try us.  They have been pleased so far! 
Stefanie Haggerty | iiX 

“I just left a business management meeting held by a large contractor, with other general contractors in my area, and your magazine came up in the conversations. So I was wondering if I could get signed up for a subscription?” 
Josh Greer | Victory Electric Inc. 

“We received a copy of your publication in December 2007 and several of the articles were topics we discuss daily and were pertinent to our business. We would very much like to start a subscription to your magazine. Let me know how to start.” 
Bill Lindeman | President | Abuck, Inc. 

“It’s about time that an industry publication covers the issues we face in running a business. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to hand your team some reading material that is meaningful. It’s the truth. This is one of the magazines I want to be sure my staff is reading.” 
Frank Hardesty | President | Brothers Concrete Construction 

“Not only is this an informative trade magazine, but it also offers constructive management tools that can be applied to the day-to-day operations of the business. It is one of the magazines that I take the time to read.” 
Paul Esch | President and CEO | CVC Construction Corp. 

“I wanted to take a minute and personally thank you for the wonderful October Premier Issue of Modern Contractor Solutions ®. I believe you and your team did a great job of putting together a magazine with a variety of topics that matter in our day-to-day lives. I am an estimator/project manager for a large site work contractor here in Portland, Oregon. The articles on accounting, finance and project management are great … Keep up the good work.” 
Ryan Parshall, MBA, MPM | John L. Jersey & Son, Inc. 

“My favorite part of the magazine would be the entire magazine. In that I enjoy the project profiles, the safety profiles, the section on construction law as well as the equipment updates. Very comprehensive magazine for the construction professional–keep up the great work for our industry.” 
Owen McCormick | Owner | J. McCormick Construction Co., Inc. 

“I believe Modern Contractor Solutions ® was refreshing compared to other publications we are receiving. The format including Industry News and feature articles covering accounting, administrative, environmental, and project-related subjects was informative and beneficial in several aspects of running my business. With our busy schedule, it is good information from one source. I look forward to our next issue.” 
Dan Thompson | President  | Border States Paving, Inc. 

“The reason I found your magazine so helpful is that most magazines or publications that I receive are full of contractor success stories, which are good but do not help me work on my business. For instance, I read your article on training and was so impressed with what I read that I called a special meeting with my field superintendents and project managers to discuss our current training methods and the amount of time we as a company are spending on training. I also was impressed with the articles that talked about things like job costing, which all contractors must grasp to be successful. Advertising and stories are nice, but real-life business management tools are what drew me to your publication. Keep bringing these tools and I’ll keep reading! Thanks again.”
Todd Edwards | President  | Vernon Edwards Constructors, Inc.

“Love your publication. The December 2007 issue rocked! MCS is the first trade magazine that I find myself perusing cover to cover. Layout is good, content is great. Not much useless fluff. Please keep me on your mailing list. I wish you continued success.” 
Toby Rock | Director of Field Operations | Breakell, Inc.

“We get quite a few trade publications, but yours is by far the best. The articles actually contain information that we can use.” 
Webb Wiley | Remedial Civil Constructors, Inc.