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2019 Buyer's Guide

2019 Buyers Guide

Click here to view the Modern Contractor Solutions 2019 Buyers Guide. Click here to download a PDF of the Modern Contractor Solutions 2019 Buyers Guide

Environmental Solutions

green construction tips

Green Construction Tips

As sustainability takes center stage, construction firms and owners are realizing the benefits that accompany the integration of green construction techniques and materials. This...

Preparing the Next Generation of Green Professionals

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Faculty program includes a diverse group of green building professionals—skilled facilitators who bring to life the concepts of...
Environmental Solutions Dust

Addressing Airborne Demolition Particles

A pioneer in industrial dust control helped a demolition firm contain fugitive dust emissions during the teardown of a 5-story concrete parking deck in...

Management Solutions

Exiting Requires Thought

Exiting Requires More than a Thought

In June 1968, General William Westmoreland was relieved of his command in Vietnam when his new boss, Richard Nixon, lost confidence in his approach....
Commercial Financing

6 Tips for Tackling Commercial Financing

Commercial financing is available to encourage responsible budgeting and enable businesses to overcome unanticipated hurdles like economic downfalls, unpaid invoices, and budgetary discrepancies. With...
7 Steps for Solving Business Problems

7 Steps for Solving Business Problems

Successful people all do one thing: they solve problems. They don't just stare at a problem and wish it would go away. The magic key...

Safety Solutions


How the OSHA Silica Standard Challenged Manufacturers to Push Innovation

September 23 marked a year since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sought to bring worker protections into the forefront by starting to...
Safe in Severe Heat

Four Steps to Keep Workers Safe in Severe Heat

Summer may be winding down, but in many regions, the heat hasn’t fully subsided yet. No one likes the feeling of being out in...

Comprehensive Emergency Lighting Systems

Isolite offers the Mini Genie, a compact specification-grade emergency lighting product that remains fully recessed behind two flat panel doors. For electrical engineers responsible for...

Equipment Solutions

steel building

Understanding Steel Building Costs

Pre-engineered metal buildings can be customized for almost any application at almost any budget: manufacturing plants, warehouses, worship centers, retail shops, agricultural buildings, and...

The Ride to Success

From serving a few surrounding counties to spanning the entire Midwest, Catom Trucking has grown significantly over the years. But it isn’t catchy advertising...
John Deere Equipment

John Deere SmartGrade™ Technology

Road building and site development contractors can now reap the benefits of John Deere SmartGrade™ in the highly successful G-Series motor grader line. SmartGrade...

Technology Solutions

Shotcrete Use in Underground Construction

Using Waterproofing to Boost Shotcrete Use in Underground Construction

Since the mid-2000s, shotcrete usage in underground construction has soared because contractors can install it more quickly and efficiently than traditional cast-in-place concrete systems....

Leveraging Technology to Stay Connected and Competitive

Technology is changing the construction industry much faster than some firms can adapt. The 2016 Engineering and Construction Trends report from PWC emphasizes the...
scissor lift

Understanding Scissor Lift Technology

Scissor lifts have been cutting a path of productivity through the construction market since the 1970s. Although the designs haven’t changed drastically over the...

Software Solutions

FSM software

Working in Harmony

Field service management (FSM) and customer relationship management (CRM) are best-of-breed solutions that are essential to the work of field technicians. Both tools manage...

Maximizing Construction’s Year of Digital Transformation

As the second quarter comes to a close, the construction industry has much to be optimistic about. Construction is in the midst of a...
Project Management Software

Best-In-Class Fleet Tracking

The construction industry has a proud history of building new equipment to get difficult jobs done, but when it comes to embracing modern technology...

Legal Solutions

What Makes A Good or Bad Arbitrator?

What Makes A Good or Bad Arbitrator?

As a member of the construction industry, at some point during your career, you will likely engage in arbitration. Arbitration provisions are prevalent in...
Building Green

Building “Green”

The environmental “green” movement has infiltrated all aspects of daily life. The mantra “reuse, reduce, and recycle” has become commonplace … from schools to...
mine safety

Enforcement Begins on New Workplace Exam Rule

On October 1, 2018, enforcement began in earnest by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) for its revised standard governing workplace examination requirements...

Project Profiles

Olympic museum

Leaving a Legacy

United States Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado Leaving a legacy often requires a lifelong fortitude of purpose and character that only the best among...

Chew It Up, Smooth It Out

The soil in central Indiana is fertile farmland. As the U.S. Department of Agriculture says in its Soil Survey Manual, prime farmland "has the...
K-Tec Industries

Taking the “Lag” out of Lagoon Construction

A contracting company sitting atop Stony Mountain, Manitoba, Canada, named Earth Max Construction is gaining ground in a niche earthmoving market for Rural Municipalities’...

Maintenance Solutions


Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Welding

For structural applications, some contractors have made the switch from stick welding to self-shielded flux-cored welding to increase productivity and give themselves a competitive...

Adding Value: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

Have you ever asked yourself, “I wish my organization would just see the value our maintenance operations bring?” It may seem like the maintenance...
mobile lube equipment

What to Consider When Adding Mobile Lube Equipment to Your Fleet

If your equipment isn’t working, you’re not making money, so it can be a real challenge to shut a machine off for routine service...

Product Releases

Modern Construction Products: October 2018

CHICAGO PNEUMATIC  Portable Compressor Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) introduces the CPS 1800 JD8 T4F portable compressor, the largest in the CP lineup. Powered by a...
Ligchine International


Originally introduced in 2017 as the ScreedSaver MAX PRO, Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver PRO 220 offers the versatility of a mid-size screed paired with the...
Gatorback Concrete


Mortarboards and Pans With typical labor costs a big chunk of the project budget, masons need to perform at peak production rates and it starts...

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