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The concrete and masonry industries don’t stop; you give your all every day. So when it comes to the World of Concrete trade show, expect more of what you need to KEEP doing your all and doing your best.

World of Concrete has been working all year to bring you the newest equipment, products, training, and expertise you need to work smarter, faster, and more profitably. From heavy-duty machinery and high-efficiency products, to skill-building workshops and management seminars, you’ll find everything related to improving your business at the world’s largest annual international commercial concrete construction and masonry event.

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Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions in the Fuel Industry

Environmental Solutions in the Fuel Industry

As we kick off 2019, it’s good to get a feel for what’s expected to take place in the fuel industry as...
LAX airport

LAX Expansion: New International Concourse

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has been undergoing a major overhaul that requires adherence to strict city building codes. With the...
foundation design

Deep Foundation Design Challenges

With space at a premium in many urban areas, developers are digging deeper foundations to increase the square footage of residential, commercial,...

Management Solutions

top talent to support company growth

Where Are The Workers?

Construction talent is in short supply these days, a fact well known among industry leaders and employers. While the...
Future of Construction

The Future of Construction in America

Hop in a car and drive anywhere and chances are the drive will be on roads and highways that need patching, resurfacing,...
Skilled Labor Shortage

Skilled Labor Shortage Amplifies Need to Boost Vocational Education

We’re in the thick of a construction boom. But if you ask anyone in the business, the boom could be so much...

Safety Solutions

emergency lighting

Hidden Emergency Lighting

While emergency lighting is critical to life safety and must function to code, no one wants to see the devices ruin the...
safety programs

5 Core Elements of Successful Safety Programs

Safety and health programs are recommended for all workplaces—from office buildings and construction jobsites to dairy farms and other industrial settings. These...

Prevention Through Design

The costs of adhering to new and changing safety regulations, maintaining up-to-date protective equipment, and covering employee injuries is increasingly burdensome for...

Equipment Solutions

POWR2 energy system

POWR2 Hybrid Energy System

POWR2, a North American leader in innovative energy solutions, launches the latest energy technology, Hybrid Energy Systems (HES). This sustainable equipment will...
ATG tires

Solid Tires Prove a Solid Investment

When Hurricane Michael tore the roofs off several buildings at the lumber mill in the Florida Panhandle, a hail of screws was...

Five Tapes Every Building Contractor Needs

Although it’s often concealed from view, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is important to the building and construction industry. Tape is used in every...

Technology Solutions

Equipment GPS Technology

Benefits of Using GPS Technology for Protecting Equipment

Everyone is concerned about the safety of their valuable possessions and wants to ensure maximum security for it. However, the recurrent incidents...

Place Maker

What’s next” is a question the design and construction industry will never tire of asking, and one the industry’s leading product manufactures...
commercial window film

Benefits of Commercial Window Film

Contractors need quality products that they can depend on to perform and keep a customer happy. Many times, a happy customer can...

Software Solutions

change order management

Manage Change Orders Like A Pro

In construction, change is a way of life. Very rarely does a construction project go from beginning to completion without changes to...
Trucking Management Software

New Trucking Management Software to Optimize the Movement of Bulk Construction Materials

Ruckit, Inc. introduces the construction industry’s first collaborative logistics platform designed for bulk materials producers, trucking companies, and general contractors, specifically addressing...
microsoft dynamics

Extending Microsoft Dynamics with Field Service

More companies are looking to aftermarket and field service operations as an opportunity for growth. According to Statistics MRC, the Global Field...

Legal Solutions

Navigating OSHA

Navigating OSHA’s Rules on Silica Dust Exposure

In recent years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has promulgated regulations specific to the hazard of crystalline silica dust exposure....
OSHA Silica Enforcement

OSHA Silica Enforcement Gathers Momentum

The first full year of OSHA’s enforcement of its new crystalline silica standard has been completed for the construction sector, and data...
construction contracts

Building Blocks of Construction Contracts

This article highlights common, but often overlooked, terms routinely found in construction contracts. Understanding how each clause operates is critical to protecting...

Project Profiles

cemex concrete

Tailor-made Concrete Mixes

Houston, Texas, is the home of the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). A recent completion of the campus overhaul consists of two...
robotic hydrodemolition

Just Add Water

According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, nearly one out of every three bridges in the nation is rated structurally deficient. Because...
hitachi equipment

Be Safe. Work Hard. Have Fun.

If you flip over Mike Hammes’ business card, you’ll see three phrases: BE SAFE. WORK HARD. HAVE FUN. These phrases describe the...

Maintenance Solutions

proper storage for parts and materials

Maintenance Repair and Operational Supplies: Part 1

Even the best oil filter is of no use if the gasket/O-ring seal is brittle. And, if you manage a lot oil...
drain plug

Benefits of Changing Hot Oil

There are many routine maintenance tasks that fleet maintenance professionals perform every day, and changing oil is arguably the most important and...
HDD tooling

5 Signs Your HDD Tooling Needs to Be Replaced

Your HDD operation is only as strong as the tools in your shed. One broken piece in a drill string can stall...

Product Releases

Modern Construction Products: October 2018

CHICAGO PNEUMATIC  Portable Compressor Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) introduces the CPS 1800 JD8 T4F portable compressor, the largest in the CP lineup. Powered by a...
Ligchine International


Originally introduced in 2017 as the ScreedSaver MAX PRO, Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver PRO 220 offers the versatility of a mid-size screed paired with the...
Gatorback Concrete


Mortarboards and Pans With typical labor costs a big chunk of the project budget, masons need to perform at peak production rates and it starts...

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