Editorial Guidelines

Modern Contractor Solutions is a national construction magazine focusing on relevant topics for day-to-day operations of the commercial, general, and concrete contractor. Articles are concise, getting right to the point, which is preferred by on-the-go contractors dealing with busy schedules. In addition to Industry News, Product Releases, and the Trend Report, each issue of the magazine features the same sections:

  • Project Profiles                                                     
  • Equipment Solutions                       
  • Environmental Solutions               
  • Management Solutions                  
  • Software Solutions                            
  • Legal Solutions
  • Technology Solutions                      
  • Safety Solutions                                   
  • Maintenance Solutions

These same sections in every issue comprise the editorial calendar. This allows flexibility to ebb and flow with the construction industry and focus on timely content versus waiting for a specific topic tied to a specific issue.
HOW TO SUBMIT AN ARTICLE FOR CONSIDERATION: Please answer the following questions and submit via email to the editor in chief (donna@mcsmag.com):

  • Proposed article title
  • Author name with title, company, and contact Information (include phone, website, and email)
  • Brief author bio (two or three sentences)
  • Brief company information (one or two sentences depicting nature of business)
  • Article summary (brief description of the specific message and focus of the article)
  • Indicate if photos (working shots) are available

Please note:

  • Articles are to be educational in focus, offering solutions and relevant information for construction matters geared towards a company’s decision makers.
  • Include mention of specific equipment and services as it relates to the article focus.
  • Keep in mind that all stories are edited as needed for space and clarity.
  • High-resolution images to be a minimum of 300 dpi.

Please direct press releases to the editor in chief: donna@mcsmag.com