Portable Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) introduces the CPS 1800 JD8 T4F portable compressor, the largest in the CP lineup. Powered by a liquid-cooled, 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel John Deere 525 hp engine, the unit has an engine starting capacity at 14 degrees F without the addition of cold start options. A 240-gallon fuel tank enables operation for more than 8 hours at full load. The CPS 1800 has three settings for actual free air delivery. At 100 psi, the actual free air delivery is 1,800 cfm, at 150 psi it is 1,700 cfm, and at 200 psi it is 1,400 psi. For more, visit


Galaxy Hulk Deep-Tread SDS Solid Skid Steer Tire

The Galaxy Hulk Deep-Tread SDS solid skid steer tire features extra-deep blocks to ensure a long service life, two-stage construction, and optional apertures to improve ride comfort. With 81/32nds of depth on its popular 33×12-16 size (which replaces a 12-16.5 tire, providing an extra half-inch of rubber), the Hulk SDS has among the deepest lugs in the industry (over 4 times as much useable tread rubber depth). More rubber, longer life. The distinctive V-shaped Hulk tread pattern provides plenty of surface area for a great grip and wear resistance. For more, visit


Button Lamp

Button Lamp saves people from the headaches of lighting all areas of a workshop, no matter how small, by housing a 13 lumen LED light in an economical casing that’s about the size of a quarter and weighs only 1.49 ounces. Each Button Lamp LED has a battery life of more than 17 hours. Button Lamp’s small size, weight, and IPX7 waterproof designation allows its adhesive back to be able to work virtually anywhere, inside or outside. The Button Lamp is an ideal solution for any consumer who is searching for lighting alternatives to costly wiring. For more, visit


Traction Aid

TruckClaws™ is a patented, all-season truck traction aid that has helped thousands of drivers get unstuck, saving time and tow truck expense. Quick and easy to install, TruckClaws features a traction cleat that attaches to a drive tire with a reinforced strap and heavy-duty ratchet. TruckClaws can free a truck from mud, snow, ice, and sand and can also be installed over tire chains. TruckClaws commercial is made of high-grade steel to move big rigs to commercial equipment. TruckClaws II™ is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to move trucks, pickups, SUVs, and RVs. TruckClaws ships free in the US and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Concrete and Masonry Penetrating Sealer

PENTREAT 244-40 water repellant penetrating sealer offers 40 percent active content silane to help reduce water and chloride ion infiltration. This high-performance, breathable, penetrating sealer is designed for use on horizontal and vertical, new and existing, concrete and masonry above-grade surfaces. PENTREAT 244-40 chemically bonds to the substrate, reducing liquid absorption while allowing vapor transmission. In addition to being a superior water repellant sealer, PENTREAT 244-40 can help extend the life of treated surfaces while keeping the substrate cleaner. For areas with strict VOC regulations, PENTREAT 244-40 OTC is available. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, October 2018
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