In response to the immediate need for disinfecting equipment, Mi-T-M Corporation introduces two new combination models that are not only used to dispense disinfectant but can also be used as a cold water pressure washer. 

Dana Schrack, vice president for the Peosta, Iowa manufacturer says long-standing customers called looking for help, “Our sales guys started getting calls from customers with an urgent need for equipment to help with disinfecting. Within 2 weeks of those first calls, we were shipping product.” 

The Mi-T-M engineering team came up with a redesign of an electric pressure washer, currently being sold by Mi-T-M, and developed it as a combination model. According to Schrack, Mi-T-M then teamed up with another Peosta company, “We immediately contacted our hose supplier, ProPulse, and they were able to redesign an existing high pressure hose to handle the disinfectant needed to combat Covid-19.  Working together we were able to put equipment in the hands of people who are helping businesses get back to work.”


The electric combination 1400 psi cold water pressure washer and 350 psi low pressure dispensing mister is easy to use and comes in either a hand carry or portable model. Since it is a combination model it can be used for all purpose cleaning around the home or small business and, in mister mode, used to put disinfectant right where it’s needed. Each unit includes a 36-inch lance and trigger gun with quick connect nozzles for pressure washing, a trigger gun with misting nozzle and 75-foot x ¼-inch hose. The high quality electric motor makes it safe to use both inside and out. 

Designed to be used with a concentrated disinfectant mixture, you can disinfect a multitude of surfaces quickly and efficiently. Either model works great on high contact areas inside buildings, such as medical offices and supply stores. The compact commercial grade unit will quickly help to sanitize break rooms and rest rooms. It can be used in locker rooms and in gyms, on weights, exercise equipment, and other common spaces.


Mi-T-M has been highly respected in the cleaning industry since 1971. In 2016, Mi-T-M introduced an innovative all electric hot water pressure washer perfect for sanitizing food and beverage facilities. Now, more than ever, the HAE Series of hot water pressure washers is helping businesses with their cleaning and sanitizing needs. 

The HAE Series is available in 2500 or 3000 psi and consists of two major components. The high-quality belt-driven pump and motor is protected by a stainless-steel cabinet that resists corrosion and rust. 

The innovative heat exchanger cartridge design provides consistent and efficient on-demand hot water. The temperature will rise 120 to 130 degrees above incoming water temperature within 3 to 5 minutes, so crews can get right to work.  

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