A new report has named the top 10 most in-demand jobs in the US, with engineering and construction roles at the top the list.

The research, carried out by the experts at Pro Tool Reviewshas found the most in-demand and highest-paying trade jobs in the US by analyzing the average wages, the states with the highest wages, the most common job roles, and the roles with the most employment opportunities. 

The 10 most in-demand trade jobs in the USA

  Job Vacancies
1Maintenance and repair worker4333,73021,80655,579
2Construction laborer1,62823,50016,44241,570
3HVAC installer1,82118,96111,98232,764
5Pipefitter, plumber, and steamfitter4213,81710,55724,416
6Heavy equipment operator2,08611,2367,93521,257
8Sheet metal worker29310,0287,14217,463
10Industrial machinery mechanics714,5673,7078,345
  • Maintenance and repair workers are the most in-demand and have the most job opportunities in the US. This trade has over 55,000 online vaccines across job recruitment websites.
  • Construction laborers are the second most in-demand role, with 41,570 total job opportunities.
  • HVAC installer is the third most in-demand trade job, with 32,764 total job opportunities. The vacancy surge for HVAC installers is likely driven by new building constructions, renovations of existing structures, and the increasing focus on energy efficiency and climate control technologies in living and working environments.

The research also revealed:

  • Elevator and escalator installers are the biggest earners when it comes to trade jobs, with an average annual wage of more than $100,000, 
  • The highest-earning state for tradespeople is Hawaii, with an average annual salary of $79,770 for construction and extraction workers.
  • Maintenance and repair workers are the most common construction trade in the US, with more than 1.5 million employees across the country.
  • Earth drillers, excluding those in the oil and gas sectors, have had the biggest increase in employment,with a striking 177.2% increase.
  • Floor layers have the most significant wage progression of any trade job, with a $170,000 difference between entry-level and senior roles.
  • Welding jobs are more searched for than any other in the US, with over 338,000 Google searches in the last year

You find the full report here.