XTREME XR3034: Versatility at 30,000 lbs

Las Vegas-based Xtreme Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers of high specification telehandlers in North America, with an increasing global customer base. Founded in 2003, Xtreme Manufacturing offers a range of 16 models of heavy-duty telehandlers with capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs to 70,000 lbs and lift heights ranging from 19 ft to 70 ft. Designed to outlast and outperform anything else in the industry, Xtreme has set the standard for safety, productivity, and reliability. 


The Xtreme XR3034 ultra high capacity roller boom telehandler is the ideal balance of reach, height, capacity, and maneuverability. Delivering up to a 34 ft maximum lift height, and up to a 30,000 lbs lift capacity, the XR3034 is an incredibly versatile telehandler engineered to withstand the toughest working conditions. 

Most commonly used in mining, oil & gas, general construction, and infrastructure, the Xtreme XR3034 is used in a variety of applications due to its high capacity and flexibility on the job. Telehandlers, which as the XR3034, also deliver a lower operating cost than mobile cranes, which are commonly deployed for similar capacity applications. A telehandler requires one trained operator, whereas a mobile crane commonly requires a certified crane operator, plus the use of crane oilers and flaggers, as well as the time and costs incurred for set-up and dismantle of the crane for each use.


All Xtreme telehandlers, including the XR3034, share key attributes that constitute “The Xtreme Difference,” including 360-degree operator visibility from the cab, an integrated machine rated lift point for suspended loads, long-life boom rollers for smoother operation and minimal maintenance, and specially designed controls that allow the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times. A wider than industry-standard outrigger stance provides additional stability, and standard auxiliary hydraulics means that the lift can be fitted with a wide range of attachments for flexibility on the job. 

Using a 173 hp, Tier 4 Final Cummins engine, the XR3034 is equipped with a 72-gallon fuel capacity and has a 72-inch fixed carriage as standard. The lift utilizes Xtreme’s D-class carriage to handle higher capacity loads.


Designed to deliver a long working life, the XR3034 benefits from a heavy-duty, all-steel construction. Weighing in at 49,100 lbs, the XR3034 has a robust chassis with a 148-inch wheelbase, ground clearance of 15 inches, and a turning radius of 16 ft, 8 inches. Contributing to the robustness of the machine, the chassis is supported by Kessler axles, which are commonly used on rough terrain cranes.

High-capacity telehandlers are being utilized for the gap between where telehandler capacities stop and smaller rough terrain cranes pick up. They are typically used to move large capacity items around the jobsite, whereas mobile cranes require extra time to set up, pick up a load, place it on a truck, dismantle, move, and re-set up to pick the next load.

Many options are available for the XR3034, including a choice of open and enclosed cabs, with heat and air conditioning, as well as multiple fork tines and carriages, including a side tilt carriage. The XR3034 can be further customized with attachments, including a 72-inch pole grapple, sling mount, truss booms, and buckets. Attachments, such as our pipe and pole grapple, also increase opportunities for telehandlers within the utilities and infrastructure sectors. 


Designed to provide a long working life, all Xtreme telehandlers are backed by an industry-leading 10yr-5yr-2yr warranty, and are built in the USA. The Xtreme XR3034 is available to order now. n

For more information on the Xtreme XR3034, visit www.xmfg.com/xr3034.

XR3034 with pole grapple carriage