The new solid Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS from Alliance Tire Group (ATG) is specifically designed to increase load carrying capacity over pneumatic tires and reduce downtime to zero. In side-by-side testing against competing solid tires, the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS lasted 25% longer, thanks to rugged rubber compounding and deeper treads. The Beefy Baby SDS is available in 31×10-20 and 33×12-20, with apertures for smoother ride or without apertures for up to 15% more load capacity. Like all of ATG’s line of Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex tires, it’s purpose-built for its customers’ specific, real-life needs.
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Allied Construction Products, LLC announces the addition of the Model AR 70D to its AR Series hydraulic impact hammer product line. The Model 70D (SSU) is a 748-pound hammer that mounts quickly on a skid-steer. It adapts easily to a mini-excavator or loader/backhoe with new mounting bracket configurations and two-position brackets for increased productivity. The Model 70D requires 10 to 24 gpm at 1,600 to 1,890 psi and it breaks at a rate of 500 to 1,200 blows per minute.
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The Allmand Night-Lite Pro II V-Series light tower features a vertical tower encased in Nycoil flexible tubing, which eliminates tangling and stretching. Gull-wing style doors allow easy access to all major service components. A full fluid containment system holds up to 100% of the fuel and oil capacity and forklift pockets allow for easy loading and unloading. Four 1200 watt SHO-HD parallel lamp fixtures come standard or LED lights are now available on all current Allmand light tower models.
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BN Products has been the premier supplier of portable rebar cutters and benders for more than 30 years. A unique tool to the construction trade, the Cutting Edge Saw™ is a compact and lightweight tool that has a 3-position removable side handle and a rotating trigger handle that provides the operator with multiple cutting positions and increased maneuverability in tight areas. This tool can cut a variety of materials including rebar, all-thread rod, coil rod, EMT conduit, pipe, tubing, burglar bars, and more. It is designed to cleanly cut the material FLUSH with the surface.
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Britespan Building Systems Inc. offers steel-framed, fabric-covered buildings as temporary, permanent, and portable solutions for a wide range of applications. Britespan buildings are pre-engineered in clearspan widths up to 160 feet and can be manufactured to any length. The thermally non-conductive properties of its covers ensure a warmer interior during cold months and a cooler interior during hot months. With its white fabric, light comes in from every direction creating a no-shadow environment creating a safer working environment. As an industry leader, Britespan can assist with your building project from start to finish.
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Easi-Pour’s Compact 880 has been the leader in production, speed, and quality in the curb and gutter paving industry since 1967. The Compact 880 is available in optional rubber wheel or track configurations. Applications of the Compact 880 includes all curb and gutter configurations, tight radius, sidewalks, recreational paths, cul-de-sacs, 42-inch high safety barriers, bridge parapet, and monolithic and flat paving up to 8 ft wide. Simultaneous trimming and pouring with the Compact 880 makes concrete placement more efficient. Unique to the Easi-Pour is its 1¾ cubic yard capacity closeable hopper.
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Falls are the leading cause of injury and death in work-related accidents. When a fall hazard exists, fall protection equipment is necessary to protect the worker by incorporating a personal fall arrest system, or PFAS. Each PFAS must contain at least four components: anchorage, anchorage connector (sling), body wear (harness), and the connecting device (lanyard/SRL). The PFAS must be inspected and maintained by the user. Ultimately, the worker that puts on the equipment is responsible for daily inspections; all PFAS equipment needs to be inspected every 6 months by a competent person on-site.
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InSite SiteWork Earthwork & Utility Estimating Software provides cut & fill and sanitary & storm take-offs from vector files (PDF and CAD), image files (PDF, TIF, & JPG files), or data collectors (GPS, total station). It’s totally portable with no digitizer to tie you down. A coordinated cursor between the zoomed take-off window, a site overall, and 3D Live provides instant validation that your take-off is correct. Select contours, including dashed existing lines on vector PDFs without tracing. Snap to building corners and curbs for CAD-like accuracy and align multi-page documents. InSite SiteWork combines ease-of-use with the most powerful site estimating features available.
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Kubota Engine America (KEA) now offers Genuine Kubota Oil, made exclusively for Kubota Industrial Engines. Genuine Kubota Oil is specifically formulated to maximize the life of the Kubota industrial engine by lubricating, cooling, and cleaning simultaneously. Genuine Kubota Oil meets Tier 4 emission requirements and is approved for use in both diesel and gas engines. Kubota recommends the use of Genuine Kubota Filters on all Kubota Industrial Engines. KEA offers over 30 different Genuine Remanufactured Alternators and Starters as a low-cost alternative to new, built to Kubota specifications with our 12-Month Remanufactured Parts Warranty.
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Powered by 12 horsepower gasoline engines, the Line Dragon will run over rebar grid, radiant heat lines, nelson studs, floor decking, or other prepared surfaces. The placer drags the end of the delivery line and places concrete while the dragger is hooked 20 ft back carrying excess line and keeping it out of the pouring area. The machine moves forward, backward, left, right, or oblique. The placing boom swings 360° making almost all areas accessible to the placer. The machine is remote-controlled and can easily be operated from a safe distance. Pour concrete up to 60 percent faster and with less labor.
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The Spring Over Walking Beam (SWB) tandem steer suspension is engineered with a focus on cutting maintenance costs. It starts with using a walking beam in the front, providing easy setting and maintaining of front wheel alignment. This, combined with the load equalization provided by walking beams, limits tire wear while enhancing suspension durability. The SWB also reduces the number of wear points—from ten in a traditional 4-spring suspension to just two, and the polyurethane bushings provide longer service life compared to rubber. It is 10 to 20 percent lighter than many other leading OEM 4-springs.
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It’s a fierce force of nature when lightning strikes! How would you strike this pour off if you had to? Or would you just find a different profession? Stop by our Silver lot or Gold lot booth to find out how this contractor turned this challenging project into a profitable job and then went on to cut his time in half on the next similar project.
Lightning Strike Roller Screed—LEADERS IN ROLLER SCREED INNOVATION! Contact us at 701.281.8989 for more information.
Thank you to all who have served!
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Mag-Lok Tools manufactures revolutionary, INTERCHANGEABLE long handle tools. One handle, either steel, fiberglass, or aluminum, interchanges with more than 40 to 50 different tool heads. This allows crews to switch out tools on the jobsite to save time, and makes them PORTABLE to be secured in a tool bin, job box, or behind the seat. LIFETIME WARRANTY on all components. Mag-Lok Tools DOES NOT MAKE throw-away tools. With its job bag, you can carry 15 different shovel heads to the jobsite and use “The Right Tool for the Right Job.”
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NoteVault provides innovative voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the commercial construction industry—NoteVault Mobile Application. Founded in 2007, NoteVault is the original and most trusted Daily Reporting software in the industry. NoteVault lets anyone quickly and easily report project activity from the field using nothing but their voice and their mobile phone. NoteVault saves time and money, while protecting against potential lawsuits. Experience the simple, yet efficient software solution that connects “boots-on-the-ground” superintendents to the back office, making it easy to create daily reports and track every detail. For more information, call 858.755.9800.
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Oztec has equipped its BP-50a backpack with a patented rotary throttle. The throttle has been specifically designed and engineered to eliminate the operator’s variable setting of the engine speed. This feature ensures the unit will consistently produce the proper vibrations per minute resulting in optimum concrete consolidation. The throttle is totally enclosed to prevent wet concrete from clogging the mechanism. The rotary throttle, combined with a dependable Honda engine and coupled to its “speed-up” transmission, allows vibrator heads to develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm, even in the heaviest low slump concrete loads.
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Packer Brothers’ Truss Screed has been reengineered and designed to take practicality and performance to a whole new level. It is built with a unique modular frame construction that adds rigidity while keeping weight minimal and allowing for quick cleaning. Engine options include a 5.5, 9, or 13 horsepower Honda engine that is end-mounted for easy belt maintenance, even while on the job. Operating at over 8600 vpm, it travels easily with the standard manual winches. It can be upgraded to hydraulic travel on request. Several interchangeable section lengths are available to fit most jobs.
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“The Flat Stopper” is an amazing tire sealant that provides On-Road and Off-Road flat protection. The products are provided as a dry material that are mixed with water and freeze protection by the customer (on-site) or in your shop. This new concept of applying tire sealant will permanently seal 3/8-inch punctures instantly. Shipping cost is 1/10 that of liquid versions offered by competitors. The powder is shipped in a 4.5 lb. bag that yields 5 gallons (50 lbs.) of finished solution. Tire Ballast/sealant weighing 12.5 lbs./gallon is also available.
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A power trowel can now be effectively utilized for grinding, honing, and polishing concrete.

  • Attaches to trowel arms like trowel blades
  • Passive planetary action
  • Sealed bearing mount provides freely spinning rotary
  • Pivot bearing design allows rotary to “float” on surface, following floor profile
  • Specialized rotary driver and abrasive grits
  • Grit range: 30 to Ultra-fine
  • Utilizes operator familiar equipment
  • Attachments fit popular power trowels
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Wake, Inc. has established itself as the leading supplier of Wireless Concrete Maturity & Temperature Monitoring and Reporting Solutions. Utilizing the most advanced durable Wireless Thermocouple technology, both Handheld and Remote Wireless Solutions are available, allowing for ease of collecting temperature logs in the field or while working from your office location. There is no need to directly connect a device to each thermocouple to download your temperature logs. Using HardTrack, you will have all of the information you need at your fingertips, both at the jobsite as well as in your archived records.
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Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2014
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