Avoid Excessive Torsional Loading
Hubbell Power Systems presents the new CHANCE® Wireless Torque Indicator which allows installation contractors to easily view and log torque data from anywhere on the jobsite. Due to our commitment of continuous improvement, the advancement of our current torque indicator technology includes features that directly impact the efficiency and accuracy of helical pile and anchor installation.
Research and development began in the 1960’s to simplify helical pile/anchor testing. This endeavor led to a better way to test and a simpler way to determine the anchor holding capacity at the time of installation. In 1970, the result was the “Torque Indicator,” which provided an accurate measurement of installation torque that can be correlated with pile/anchor holding capacity, regardless of soil conditions. While this solution was initially implemented by Utilities, momentum quickly gained traction with Civil Applications as this tool provided a real-time installation torque value, giving a positive indication of anchor holding capacity in most soil types. By utilizing the technology that the Wireless Torque Indicator provides, many installation contractors have avoided excessive torsional loading that can cause damage to the anchor and/or anchor tools during installation.
We listen to the needs of our customers and strive to improve their experience within the field. The advancement of our torque indicator technology now brings exciting features that improve the user experience. We now offer a complete system with three components: the CHANCE Wireless Torque Indicator, Wireless Torque Display, and the Wireless Torque Data Logger. Order the complete system with all three components, or just the Wireless Torque Indicator, which includes one Display as standard equipment. Data Loggers and extra Displays can be ordered separately.


  • Operational temperature range: -30 C to 70 C (-22 F to 158 F)
  • Torque is measured using strain gauges
  • No shear pins to replace
  • Powered by standard 9V batteries
  • Torque Indicator with Display
    • Torque is displayed on both units
    • Multiple displays can be linked to Indicator
    • Solid one-piece spool design to withstand bending loads. Top and bottom flange each provides six holes tapped 1/2”-13 on a 51/4” bolt circle and twelve holes tapped 5/8”-11 on an 8-5/8” bolt circle.
  • Data Logger
    • Torque displayed on Data Logger
    • Torque and GPS data recorded and saved on Data Logger
    • Data downloadable from Data Logger to computer spreadsheet
  • Low cost
  • Accuracy: ± 500 ft.-lbs. at any reading
  • Torque Indicator has integral display and can be used as a standalone unit or in combination with the other system components.
  • Wireless Torque Data Logger is durable and weatherproof, and can be used while wearing gloves.
  • Wireless Torque Display is weatherproof and has a magnetic back for quick, easy mounting in a wide variety of locations.
  • Multiple Wireless Torque Data Loggers and/or Wireless Torque Displays can be simultaneously linked to a single Wireless Torque Indicator.
  • Multiple Wireless Torque Indicator systems can be used simultaneously on the same job without interference.

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These instructions are not intended as a substitute for adequate training and experience in safe procedures for this type of equipment.

  1. The indicator is installed between a CHANCE Kelly bar adapter and anchor drive tool or locking dog adapter, using the bolts and lockwashers provided.
  2. Attach the Kelly bar adapter to the top of the anchor drive tool or locking dog assembly to bottom of torque indicator.
  3. Align the Kelly bar adapter with the Kelly bar so that the cross pin holes will match up and slide the Kelly bar adapter onto the Kelly bar. Secure in place with the bent arm pin and coil lock provided with the Kelly bar adapter.
  4. Follow standard installation procedures for the appropriate CHANCE screw anchor.
  5. Before installing the anchor, be sure to turn on the Torque Indicator using the ON/OFF switch located on the front of the unit.
  6. Monitor torque indications during the whole installation to ensure anchor and tooling are not exceeded.

See the operating instructions for more information.

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FOR MORE INFORMATIONHubbell Power Systems (HPS) is the world’s leading helical anchoring manufacturer for CHANCE and ATLAS brand products used in the civil construction, deep foundation, electric utility, oil/gas, railroad, and renewable energy markets. For additional details about how this and other Hubbell Power Systems products can improve your installations, visit www.hubbellpowersystems.com, or call 855.477.2121 to talk to a customer service representative.

Modern Contractor Solutions, MAY 2014
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