You might mainly associate Instagram with the glossy and glamorous life of travel and lifestyle influencers, but Instagram is also increasingly a place for big business. From lawyers to accountants and recruiters, many industries are embracing the “gram” as part of a larger digital transformation project—and contractors and construction businesses are no exception.

Here are some top reasons why Instagram is a social channel you should be considering for your business in 2020—and some easy ways to get going with Instagram right now.

  • Not that much competition
  • Not that many construction businesses have discovered Instagram yet; those that have tend to not have a huge following (yet)

This lack of competition leaves the door open for new brands and businesses joining Instagram, as thenoy niche is yet to be fully saturated. (In some popular niches, it’s almost impossible to stand out and be heard—so count yourself lucky).

Before you leap into posting on Instagram, consider the following:

  • What is the competition doing on Instagram (if anything)? What can they teach you?
  • What about suppliers? Are there partnership opportunities there for you to tap into?
  • What can you learn from the top Instagram accounts in terms of visuals and positioning?

Start with this list of construction accounts to follow on Instagram to get some ideas. Getting inspired by others is a big element of social media marketing so don’t be shy about competitor and niche research.

After your research, you will probably find that a mix of themes and topics is more likely to bring you followers—don’t be too narrow-minded and brand-centric in your approach.


Creating Instagram content doesn’t require a lot of training or expensive equipment. Often just reliant on a smartphone, Instagram content works well when it’s raw and immediate—so don’t feel pressured to hire a professional photographer.

It’s also cheap and easy to use tools like Canva or Stencil to create great graphics that work really well on Instagram. You don’t need a graphic designer or social media expert to run a good Instagram account and strategy.

Influencer marketing can be expensive, but tapping into the world of social influence is another quick way to grow your account. Just make sure that you’re working with an influencer who actually makes sense for your target market.

When it comes to hashtags, about 10 hashtags is a good rule of thumb, but do some research before including them in your post. Remember that you can also put hashtags in Instagram comments rather than having to include them in the caption. Switch up your hashtags up so that you get to test out a wide range.


Visual content and live video are super engaging (even addictive) content formats—and your business easily can tap into both of them on Instagram.

Cheap to produce, visual content is often just the product of somebody bringing their mobile along with them and snapping photos throughout the day.

Stuck for ideas? A good idea shared here is creating “how it’s made” posts—these super engaging posts allow you to be educational and fun at the same time. It’s easy to forget that vast swathes of your potential online audience have no idea how many things are made or how they work—and that they enjoy learning about new things.

Why not embrace the educational angle and start by shooting some video? Explainer videos are easy to produce, edit, and promote and have the potential to reach a wide range of people.


Instagram is the ideal channel for sharing news and stories about working for your business. A potential source and indicator of professional pride, Instagram is a surprisingly effective internal tool for motivating employees and communicating brand values.

Instagram is a great place to celebrate and commemorate events and milestones through great content—the completion of a big project or a festive company party for example.

Recruitment ads and job promotion on Instagram can help your jobs stand out and reach younger people—after all, a lot of them spend time on Instagram.


When you’re considering whether to join Instagram or not, think about all the ways it can help you promote and build your business. Start with these simple tips and you will be on the road to success.

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