ChatGPT is revolutionizing construction by allowing construction workers to literally talk to their plans and have their plans talk back to them.

Togal.AI was first to bring ChatGPT to construction by integrating it into its estimating software. Now, one year later, the company is revealing the top five ways the technology is being used by construction professionals. In the midst of loud, busy construction sites, workers are getting complex answers within seconds. Here are the most common questions they’re asking.

#1: Can you create a detailed summary of this project as it pertains to a painting contractor or a flooring contractor?

#2. Can you create a Request for Proposal for painting on this project?

#3. Can you create a Request for Information for painting on this project?

#4. Do you have any information on ADA requirements for this project?

#5. Can you provide the link to the relevant page of the plan I’m working on?

“Instead of having to go back to the office and sift through pages of plans—crews are turning to ChatGPT to speed up the building process,” says Patrick Murphy, Togal.AI CEO.“The top three requests for ChatGPT in construction revolve around analyzing and summarizing plans quickly. This allows teams to write the scope of work or request for proposals in record timing instead of doing it manually, so they can bid on projects faster.” 

Another popular question is confirming compliance, especially for the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

“This is critical because if workers miss compliance they’ll be faced with expensive redesigns. Thanks to ChatGPT, it’s an easy question to confirm instantly,” Murphy adds.

And lastly, one of the most common uses of ChatGPT in construction is a simple one: getting to the right page of the plan instantly. Togal.AI uses ChatGPT to enhance document management, so construction professionals can use semantic search functionality to find relevant information across thousands of pages of plans, contracts, specification books, schedules, and budgets in seconds.

Togal.AI is an award-winning cloud-based estimation software that uses Large Language Models (LLMs) and custom AI tools to automate and optimize takeoffs in construction. Togal’s proprietary AI can automatically detect, measure, compare and label project spaces and features on architectural drawings with 97%+ accuracy. With ChatGPT, Togal.AI users can use natural language queries to search for information across different types of documents, such as plans, specifications, contracts, invoices, schedules, budgets and more. 

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