Venturo, a producer of truck- and van-equipped cranes, releases a new finder on its website to assist in the selection of service cranes. The Crane Selector utilizes gross vehicle weight, necessary boom length, and maximum load capacity to pair vehicles with the most suitable Venturo product.

Venturo cranes are designed for an array of light, moderate, and heavy-duty crane applications, and having the right equipment to meet job requirements improves efficiency and safety on the jobsite. The innovative Crane Selector is a simple, effective tool to provide operators with the proper crane package.

This new offering from Venturo joins Venturo Logic Controls™ (VLC) as another recent innovation from the crane manufacturer. The VLC™ Crane Control Management System brings safety, control, and reliability to the company’s fully-hydraulic service cranes. This system offers safe, comfortable, and smart crane operations by utilizing features like overload protection, a pistol-grip controller, and visible safety alerts.

Those looking to utilize the Crane Selector can find the tool at For more about electric, hydraulic, and additional crane options from Venturo, visit