Dependability is one of those words that gets loosely thrown around in virtually every industry. But for Venco Venturo Industries, LLC., a premier service crane and truck equipment manufacturer and work truck upfitter, the very word is what the company was founded upon. 


Venco Venturo’s solid roots go back to 1952, when Arden “Art” Collins grew his company into the largest manufacturer’s representative agency in the truck body and equipment industry. In 1964, Collins pioneered the Truck Equipment & Body Distributors Association (TEBDA) which became the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA). Presently, the NTEA represents thousands of companies in the U.S. that manufacture, distribute, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers, and accessories. 

After Art’s sons, Ron and Larry, took over ownership in 1978 and acquired the Venco hoist line, the company expanded to include new lines of truck equipment. In 1989, crane manufacturer Venturo came aboard, increasing the full product line yet again. By 2013, Brett Collins, Ron’s son, and Mike Strittholt became majority owners and officially changed the business’s name to Venco Venturo, LLC. 

Today, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company continues to build upon its ironclad foundation to upfit and deliver high-performing service cranes and equipment for work trucks with the versatility to handle any job—a process that often involves many technical details. 


If customers don’t get what they need for their operation the first time, they’re likely to spend valuable time and resources trying to get it right. Realizing this is a pitfall for construction and maintenance companies everywhere, Venturo stepped up to the challenge to not only provide top-notch equipment but to get it to the customer with some of the fastest lead times in the industry. 

“We know a lot of considerations go into finding the right work-ready truck and crane equipment,” says Ian Lahmer, director of marketing and West Coast sales manager at Venco Venturo. “If you don’t get what you need right out of the gate, you could end up adding and removing features as you go and constantly remeasuring your specs depending on the workload. We understand that this risks more downtime and resources. That’s why we get you exactly what you need—and fast.”

Equipment selection always depends on the job, but Venturo’s product lines and service flexibility bring immense value to any operation. No matter if a customer needs a new crane body, a full upfit on an existing truck, or an entirely new custom work-ready truck and crane package, Venturo takes pride in delivering precisely what’s needed. 

“It doesn’t matter if you already know exactly what you want or if you aren’t even sure where to start,” Lahmer explains. “We’ll work directly with you to find a high-performing solution with all the specs you need, nothing you don’t, and get you back to your job.”


When it comes to equipment, no dependable work truck is complete without an equally dependable and versatile crane. Enter Venturo’s HT45KX.

This fully hydraulic service crane was engineered with a lighter-weight, hexagonal boom structure and crane housing for more crane capacity with a lighter payload. The HT45KX features lifting capacities of 7,500, 7,800, and 8,000 lbs. It’s rated up to 45,000 ft/lbs with 20, 25, and 30-ft boom lengths available and works with all crane service body manufacturers.

The key feature of the HT45KX is Venturo’s proprietary Venturo Logic Controls (VLC™) management system. 

VLC™ contains a wireless, pistol-grip crane control remote, and comes as a standard feature on all Venturo hydraulic cranes. This system gives operators an easy-to-use remote control with safety alerts and status text on the LCD screen. The crane also contains its own safety measure with an alert light on the underside of the boom, which remains green during safe operation and changes to yellow or red to indicate safety warnings. 

As an additional benefit to operators, the HT45KX contains an innovative, rugged and compact anti-two block design which automatically adjusts with the boom angle. This minimizes the hook-to-boom tip height, making it less prone to damage. 


Another vital component to any heavy-duty work truck is the body, and Venturo’s 11 Series is a shining example. This 11-foot service body is constructed of 100% 5052 high-strength aluminum, making the lightweight body as durable as steel yet still heavy-duty. The lighter construction—under 3,800 lbs with all accessories—helps to conserve fuel and increase payload. Eleven series bodies are white powder-coated with black injection molded flare. They are available in a stock configuration or with an assortment of modern options including: Crane Reinforcing Package, Chrome or Aluminum Black Flare Options, 3-Piece Roof Half/Full Height, Master Lock Option, Work and Safety Light Packages, and Component Color Options.

This service body is one of the most popular that Venturo offers, and is designed to hold the HT45KX crane, making for the perfect heavy-duty bundle. This combination can be upfit on existing trucks, or installed new on a complete, work-ready truck. 


In addition to multiple top-quality, high-performing product lines, Venturo’s customization capabilities have been keeping operations in several industries running smoothly for decades, as Lahmer explains. “We’re no stranger to custom builds and are happy to do so for our customers.” The seamless on-the-fly solutions are the result of a simple process that makes it easy for customers to get what they want. Whether you need a new crane, a full work truck, or even if you aren’t sure where to begin, it doesn’t matter. We will customize the truck package needed for any job.”


With an array of dependable equipment and a custom shop to outfit any operation with whatever specs the job requires, it’s no wonder Venco Venturo has been an industry institution for more than 7 decades. And, the future looks just as strong. 

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Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2022
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