Venco Venturo began in 1952 as Collins Associates, Inc., the largest manufacturer’s representative agency in the truck body and equipment industry. In 1964, they founded the Truck Equipment & Body Distributors Association, which is currently known as the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA). From those beginnings, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company continues to build upon its ironclad foundation to deliver high-performing, heavy-duty work trucks, service cranes, hoists and equipment with the reliability and versatility needed for even the most challenging work environments.

No matter what industry you’re in, if you don’t have the right equipment for the job, two things will happen: first, the work becomes much harder than it needs to be. Second, downtime and unnecessary expenses are almost sure to follow.

If your projects keep going sideways like this, you’ll need to re-spec your equipment—leaving revenue on the table and pushing back timelines—all because you didn’t have what you needed to get the job done from the start. The trusted team and top-notch gear at Venco Venturo stop all that in its tracks.


Since 1952, Venco Venturo has been a leader in developing a line of made in the USA service cranes, truck bodies, hoists, and accessories. The Cincinnati-based company prides itself on its long history of delivering durable, rugged equipment to handle any job—while providing excellent customer service and the fastest lead times in the industry. 

A commitment to understanding customers’ needs and then building them the right equipment to match the application has helped Venturo maintain its pioneering position in the world of work truck equipment.

When construction and maintenance companies don’t get the right components for their fleets, they’re forced to re-measure and re-spend (sometimes start completely over), after the initial investment. This greatly increases operating costs and shrinks profit margins. Understanding this trap, Venturo is dedicated to two principles:

  1. Deliver only what is needed, not what isn’t. 
  2. Provide unmatched customer support and service.

“We understand what goes into finding work-ready truck and crane equipment,” vice president of sales and marketing at Venco Venturo Ian Lahmer says. “If you don’t get what you need, you’ll have to re-measure everything and swap features as you go. That’s why we work directly with each customer to install the equipment they need so they can get back to the job. Simple as that.” 


 Venturo also provides application-specific components with the bandwidth for several custom options. A prime example is the reliable HT45KX service crane. 

This fully hydraulic crane has less weight for added versatility and is engineered for more crane capacity with a lighter payload. It is designed to work with all service body manufacturers and includes the following:

  • Hexagonal boom structure and crane housing
  • 7,800 lbs lifting capacity
  • 45,600 ft/lbs rating
  • 30 ft reach
  • Precision overload protection
  • Vehicle stability and grade control

The real highlight of this crane is the Venturo Logic Controls (VLC™) management system.

The VLC system contains a wireless, pistol-grip remote that gives operators ease of use (and peace of mind) with safety statuses and alerts on the LCD screen. The crane itself contains its own safety feature with bright colored alert lights on the underside of the boom, which go from green to yellow to red to indicate different safety warnings.


 In addition to its high-quality product lines, Venturo’s custom equipment services round out the complete customer experience. 

For installations, modifications or custom builds, Venturo has it covered. These capabilities have been keeping operations in several industries running smoothly for decades. There isn’t a job Venturo equipment can’t handle, whether it’s in stock or specially modified.

When it comes to service cranes, truck bodies, hoists, and accessories, Venturo either has it—or will build it.

Venturo’s VTEC Center is a custom upfit shop staffed by factory-trained technicians. They can build and install cranes and hoists on existing fleets or perform a range of custom work for a complete, work-ready package. 

“We’re happy to do custom builds. That’s where the VTEC Center comes in. Whether you need a new crane, a full work truck, or even if you aren’t sure where to begin, it doesn’t matter. We’ll customize the truck package for any job,” Lahmer says.

To ensure each customer gets the right components, Venturo put a user-friendly system in place.

“We designed a simple checklist,” Lahmer says. “All a customer needs to do is fill out the crane and truck specs they need—size, weight, operational requirements, and the accessories they want. Then we’ll handle the rest.”


Venturo equipment is purpose-built to help operators improve productivity and safety at any jobsite. From basic upfits to finished, work-ready packages, Venturo’s made in the USA, light- and heavy-duty cranes, hoists and truck bodies are ready to handle the challenges of any job, anywhere.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2023
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