The second book on your punch list is Unstuck & Unstoppable. It’s an easy read that makes you think about your place in existence and how to move forward with purpose.


Jim Kyles
Jim Kyles

Jimn Kyles is the lead pastor of Anchor Bend Church. He is also the author of the book Unstuck & Unstoppable: Shake Off The Past, Find Your Purpose, Get On With Your Life, which reached No. 1 status on Amazon’s list of new releases, and he hosts the podcast of the same name. In addition, he is a life coach, leadership development expert, and real estate investor. 


Are you feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or frustrated? Maybe you feel stuck. You’re not alone. It’s estimated that 80% of Americans feel stuck in life. We all can find ourselves in what feels like a hopeless situation; whether it’s a strained relationship, financial hardship, a failed career, or an unhealthy lifestyle, etc. It can feel like no matter how hard you try to change or turn the situation around, nothing you do seems to work. Know this—while you may feel stuck, you are not stranded. There is hope. Author Jimn Kyles wants to come alongside you and help you get unstuck and become unstoppable.


The book provides actionable tools and practical tips to move on from past issues from your past and find the path you’re meant to travel. Topics covered include:

  • How to live your life with purpose and passion
  • How to discover your identity apart from others’ beliefs or expectations
  • How to move forward with a clear vision for your future
  • How to identify negative paradigms that are secretly sabotaging your life
  • How to cultivate a healthy life-giving paradigm.
  • How to forgive those who hurt you
  • What are trauma triggers and how to defuse them


For extra resources, have your iPhone handy to scan the QR codes dotted throughout the book. Don’t be afraid to highlight or mark pages that speak to you or could help your team, your operations, and your company. When I read the words, “See the Potential, Not the Problems,” I knew the book would help with mindset to be positive and work through issues with solutions based on an understanding of where you are and what you need to be doing for yourself, for others, and for your business.


The construction industry has a diverse workforce. Not all approaches to team building or moving forward as a company to be successful work for everyone. Knowing your identity and purpose will enable you to lead your team and craft a company vision and mission in your niche. 



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Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2023
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