By Scott Holub

Dump trucks are used in all kinds of industries, from construction, agriculture, and mining, to transport all kinds of material. They come in many different sizes ranging from standard sizes to semi-trailer to super dumps and have many different load carrying capacities. 

BKT makes tires for all types of off-highway dump trucks used in construction, mining, and industrial applications. Some of the off-highway trucks the tires are designed for include articulated dump trucks, rigid dump trucks, and low-profile dump trucks. 


Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT) or dump haulers are heavy-duty dump trucks that transport loads over very rough terrain, and can be used in mining, agriculture, construction, waste management, and highway maintenance. Most have payloads from 30-60 tons and are more maneuverable with greater traction, so they are ideal for smaller jobsites. Normally all-wheel drive, hydraulic cylinders pivot the whole tractor with a low center of gravity. 


A rigid dump truck (RDT) has a fixed chassis with the moving dump bed mounted to the trucks rigid frame. They can typically go longer distances with heavier loads and at higher speeds. They require a well-maintained haul-road and their payloads can exceed well over 100 tons depending on the truck. With the larger payloads and faster speeds, they are generally more profitable and better for larger sites.


Low Profile Dump Trucks (LPDTs) are used in mining and tunneling projects with steep inclines and are articulated by design. The lower side height allows ease of loading and unloading. 

BKT has a full line of dump truck tires designed for every type of job from light to severe applications. BKT designs both bias and radial tires for off-road applications. Radial tires have a flexible casing which provides a smoother ride, yields less cuts, and lower heat generation. Radials also have a more consistent shape for longer tread life, and better traction and flotation. Bias tires have a stiffer carcass which leads to increased stability. Bias tires are also more economical.

The EARTHMAX SR30 (E3/L3) is an all-steel radial with a design for ADTs but can also be used in loader applications. It has a block tread pattern for excellent traction, stability, and durability. It has a cut resistant compound to withstand harsh operating environments. 

The SR41 EARTHMAX (E4/L4) is an all-steel radial tire perfect for ADTs and loaders. It provides excellent resistance against punctures and an extended service life. In addition to long working hours without downtime, the tire ensures extraordinary comfort. The SR41 is also available in E4**** for LPDTs used in underground haulage operations.

For rigid dump trucks, the EARTHMAX SR46 was designed to carry heavy loads in severe rocky, abrasive conditions, even harsh mining environments. Its lug block pattern helps maneuver corners and minimize tread damage. The cut and puncture resistance helps prevent damage to maximize productivity and tire life. 

EARTHMAX SR 45 PLUS is an All Steel radial tire specially designed for rigid haul trucks. It provides optimum traction and is ideal for operations in long hauls. The tread pattern of the SR 45 PLUS minimizes vibration and noise. 

The XL Grip is a bias tire with an E-3 tread for excellent traction. It has been designed for both articulated and rigid dump trucks. It is made to minimize cuts and punctures in severe and heavy-duty conditions resulting in an extended tire life.

Also, a bias tire, the Rock Grip is an E-4 deep-tread designed to carry heavy loads for short hauls. The special tread compound minimizes cuts on the roughest ground condition.


Whatever type of off-road dump truck that is being used for your job, BKT has the right tire solution for the application and condition.

About the Author:

Scott Holub is manager, OTR technical services, with BKT. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2021
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