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Service technicians face unique challenges when it comes to properly and safely servicing OTR tires. The size of the equipment, hazardous work environments, and less than ideal conditions challenge safety at every turn. 

So, why is tire safety so important? One small mistake can lead to a serious injury, or even death, so it is important that correct precautions are taken.

Here at BKT, we strive to exceed safety requirements and expectations, because we understand that proper management can keep you and your employees safe, prevent unnecessary costs, and prolong the life of your equipment’s tires.


Colder temperatures. Snowy skies. Icy surfaces. Due to the season’s unpredictable weather conditions, enhanced tire safety is more important than ever. Frozen ground may seem solid, but it will not support the weight of heavy equipment on a jack or cribbing. It is important to use a proper base and technique for lifting. In addition, frozen ground may cause the equipment to slide off a jack, so use the proper chocks for your safety.

BKT Earthmax SR 22


Having tires that were specifically designed for enhanced traction and handling in winter conditions will add to job productivity and safety. 

Chains may increase traction, but they are expensive, high maintenance, and must be removed for some surfaces. For working on snow packed and icy roads, we recommend winter tires.


Incorrect tire pressure is one of the leading causes of tire wear and fatigue, so it is crucial to check your tire pressure regularly. 

A drop in ambient temperature will produce a decrease in inflation pressure. Check cold inflation (tire/rim assembly and inflation media are at ambient temperature) before starting the work day and adjust to the manufacturer’s recommended inflation. Do not check cold tires when ambient temperature is below freezing, as this may result in moisture inside the tire cavity freezing under the valve seat resulting in a slow leak. Consult your inflation charts or tire manufacturer for guidance on hot inflation pressures.

It may seem like a good idea to keep your tires underinflated, as it is believed to give you the larger footprint needed for extra traction. However, this is not true of modern radial tires. Just like keeping your tires overinflated, it can cause problems with the tire life and severely sacrifice durability.

Underinflation shows up as excess, uneven wear. With proper inflation, you get uniform pressure across the face of the tread, leading to even wear. In addition, underinflation can affect tire durability and handling negatively. It can produce excess stress and deflection, which leads to heat generation. The heat can cause failure in several areas, including the bead, shoulders, and sidewall. 

BKT Multimax MP 538


BKT Tires makes over 3,200 SKUs for every off-highway tire need. Our tires are used worldwide and can withstand any environment and weather condition, including frigid winters.

BKT tires specifically designed for winter are the Earthmax SR 22 and SR 22 AS. 

The SR 22 (G-2/L-2) is an all steel radial tire specially designed for motor graders and loaders operating in extreme winter conditions on ice or snow. Operators will appreciate both excellent traction and stability provided by the large and non-directional tread design.  

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Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2023
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