Keeping your equipment and trailers safe, whether on a construction jobsite or simply traveling from location to location, is easy with the right devices and technology. There are various options to achieve a “recovery” peace-of-mind should your assets be stolen. Below is a Q&A to learn more about one company and product making theft recovery a reality. Meet Galeo.

What is Galeo? What products does the company offer?

Galeo manufactures rugged theft alert and recovery devices containing the latest in motion sensing, GPS, and cellular technologies. The model Galeo Pro is a trailer-mounted device with a companion mobile application (iOS or Android). Galeo Pro can alert you when it senses motion, and its LTE and GPS module enables you to remotely track your trailer from your phone. 

How would general contractors benefit from the products offered?

Trailer and equipment theft is a growing problem for contractors, and the loss can be detrimental to a business. Oftentimes, insurance policies won’t fully cover the value of a trailer and its contents. With Galeo Pro, contractors can have peace of mind that equipment theft won’t slow down their operation.  

What is Galeo Pro? Is the equipment easy to use? How is the unit attached to assets?

Galeo Pro was purpose-built to withstand snow, dust, rain, and even pressure washing. It’s the industry’s most waterproof device, with the most extreme temperature range (-40 to 185 F). The battery operates in the most extreme temperatures and can last 3-5 years. The device comes with a SIM card so configuration is easy—it can all be managed in the app. Cellular data plans are: $1.99 monthly, $19.99 annually, or $49.99 for 3 years.

The kit comes with two mounting options: hardware and heavy-duty VHB tape. Depending on the location where the device can get the best GPS signal, we’ve also seen customers use magnets, zip ties, or wire cables.

What technologies are involved in Galeo Pro?

Galeo Pro’s built-in accelerometer sends an alert to your phone the moment it senses motion or vibration. So, if someone is tampering with your trailer or equipment, you’ll know right away. The device’s Verizon LTE-enabled GPS module enables you to track down your assets from any distance, so if it is lost or stolen, you can locate it using your phone.

The tracking device measures 5.25 x 3.25 x 1.6 inches and is easy to mount on a trailer or piece of equipment.

What is GPS Timing?

The technology we developed for the Galeo system was intentionally built to enable the device to “sleep” so that customers can enjoy a long battery life (3-5 years). When the device wakes every 11 minutes, it checks to see if anyone is searching for it. If there is no request, it goes back to sleep. If there is a request, it searches for its GPS location and then transmits the data to the app via cellular network. So, depending on where the device is in its wake-up cycle, the location could be sent to your app fairly quickly, or it might take up to 11 minutes.


Galeo products are the latest innovation in theft prevention and recovery, but we’re not just another tech start-up. Galeo is part of Appareo, an electronics engineering company that has been developing game-changing products for agricultural, construction, and aerospace companies for more than 18 years. 

For More Information:

The Galeo Group is a consumer electronics company leveraging emerging cellular technologies to solve previously unsolvable problems. Through the innovative application of these technologies, Galeo delivers fully integrated hardware and software offerings. The company is headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota. All products are designed, built, and supported in the USA. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2022
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