As a construction business owner or manager, making money and saving money are very important aspects to your business. In most cases, you need certain tools to help you keen in on increasing your bottom line. GPS fleet tracking software is the tool you need to control fleet operations and reduce unnecessary costs and help increase revenue.
A GPS fleet and asset tracking solution is your automated record keeper. With GPS fleet tracking software, not only will you receive real-time insight into your vehicles, heavy equipment, and other assets’ locations, but also the time that was spent at a specific location, the frequency of visits to that location, and detailed information on the tasks completed at the specific jobsite. You will also be aware each time an employee enters and leaves a jobsite. After a job is completed, simply run a report to determine the man hours and resources used to finish the job and easily send an accurate invoice to your customer. GPS fleet tracking software allows employees to take pictures of completed jobs and send them in to be attached to the reports as further proof. The reports included with a GPS tracking solution provide you with hard evidence in case of a customer dispute so that you do not end up forfeiting hard-earned money. This data is traced back to the implementation of your GPS tracking software, just in case a customer files a dispute long after the job is completed. A GPS fleet tracking solution will take the guess work out of your invoicing, save you valuable time and money, and provide you with many operational benefits for your construction business.
GPS fleet tracking does more than just improve invoicing accuracy, it transforms the way you manage your fleet all together. GPS fleet tracking software enables construction business owners and managers to increase asset lifecycles in a number of ways. When it comes to your expensive vehicles, equipment, and other assets, GPS fleet tracking will provide information about which assets are overworked, so that usage can be evenly distributed. Keep all of your vehicles and equipment up-to-date on regular maintenance so that you will maximize their time on the job. GPS fleet tracking helps remind you when your assets are due for maintenance, sending automated alerts to your phone or email. Also, GPS devices are available that will relay real-time diagnostic information, in order to help you prevent any possible vehicle/asset/equipment failure on the jobsite. Monitoring your fleet health will keep your assets on the job longer and prevent costly repairs. The money that is saved from increasing asset lifecycles is enormous.
Many construction fleet managers are not aware of how much extra capital they spend on unnecessary fleet costs, such as fuel and labor, and it usually turns out to be much more than expected. GPS fleet tracking software will give you full insight to this information. You will be able to monitor and prevent wasted fuel from idling and unauthorized usage (more miles driven equates to more fuel spend). Additional labor costs can be reduced by using a Begin/End of Day Report to see actual hours worked or driven. Fuel costs can be decreased by as much 25 percent and labor as much as 15 percent. For companies with a large mix of assets, this could be millions of dollars.
Construction business owners and managers are responsible for finding ways to be more efficient and keep costs down. The search ends here. Improve invoicing accuracy, provide proof of job completion, extend asset lifecycles, and decrease fuel and labor costs with GPS tracking software. This technology is the key management tool needed to run the most efficient business, while dramatically increasing your bottom line.
GPS Insight is a leading technology supplier of GPS tracking software for construction businesses. They utilize high quality GPS hardware and add the technology, customization, and enhancements, which construction companies demand. GPS Insight provides a highly flexible solution, which includes a wide range of customized reports, alerts, and other features that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return on investment.
GPS Insight specializes in software development and continually advancing the highly customizable and user-friendly platform based on customer requests. Multiple tracking options are available so that you can not only track vehicles, but also heavy equipment and other assets. We offer 24/7/365 US-based support and do not require a contract. If we don’t meet your expectations, we give you the choice to explore other options.
Invest in an industry leading GPS fleet tracking solution and take full control of your fleet. ■
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Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2013
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