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Organization, security, and safety are all vital components to a successful construction project. A worker distracted by their cell phone could result in danger to other workers, poor workmanship, or a costly mistake. Tools, equipment, and material rolling to the front of a pickup truck bed can lead to unsafe methods of recovery, such as jumping in and out of the bed to retrieve items. Unattended trailers left at worksites leave opportunities for theft. One of the easiest ways to stay organized, secure materials, and maintain employee safety is to choose the right products for use on the construction site. 

Tuffy Security center console for Ford F150 model years 2009-2014


One simple way to organize tools and equipment in the bed of a pickup truck is to add an in-bed cargo management system. Typically installed by light truck accessory retailers, these cargo management systems allow items to be placed on a platform which slides out from the bed of the truck. Storage drawers and slide-out trays allow contractors and construction workers to utilize the maximum amount of bed space while organizing the tools and equipment needed for every project. In addition, cargo management systems help to improve safety because it eliminates the need to jump in and out of the truck bed to retrieve items which have rolled to the front during transport. 


Another important step to safety on a jobsite is removing distractions, of which cell phones can be a cause. Locking a cell phone in a vehicle is one way to improve employee performance as well as decrease jobsite distractions. Some employees may balk at the idea of leaving their cell phone in their personal or work vehicle due to the potential risk of theft. Others may be hesitant to leave their phones in a worksite desk for the same reason. One solution is a simple high-security lockbox to store in a desk at the worksite or for contractors and employees to install a security console insert in their personal or work truck. Such products securely store valuables while preventing theft thanks to their rugged construction. 

BOLT Off Vehicle Coupler Lock. BOLT Locks use your truck key to operate all of the various locks


Additionally, equipment theft can be a major concern at worksites. BOLT Locks are a new solution to protect all equipment left unattended when worksites are not in use. Trailers are often left unattended overnight and the temporary fencing placed around jobsites is not always the stoutest. Other current security options are not convenient, either. Multiple keys can weigh down a keychain or can be lost on-site. Memorizing combinations for padlocks can be a hassle for some, and seeing the numbers on a padlock in the early morning hours before the sun rises can be difficult. Finding a solution which reduces key clutter while making the ease of use of locks more convenient is of the utmost importance. Products that can be keyed specifically to a work vehicle’s ignition key are a convenient remedy to a tough problem and can be found easily in the market. Use the locks that resist picking and are weather resistant, which is much needed in outdoor construction settings.


Solutions for organization, security, and safety exist in the market, and companies are innovating new solutions all the time. Finding the products which best suit the needs of construction workers and contractors is imperative when working to improve all three concerns at jobsites.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, November 2019
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