Isuzu is known for reliable, eco-friendly, durable, and technologically advanced engines that power construction, agricultural, industrial, medical, and rental markets in the Americas—all with quiet, fuel-efficient products for customer-specific applications. 


Isuzu Pre-validated Open GenSet-Ready Power Units come in three sizes: 4J, 4H, and 6H. As delivered, all are at least 90-percent pre-validated. The 4J-Series is equipped as a 3.0L, 4-cylinder, 70.8 kW (95 HP) constant speed @1800 RPM diesel engine. The 4H-Series is equipped with a 5.2L, 4-cylinder, 127.5 kW (171 HP) constant speed @1800 RPM, and the 6H-Series 7.8L, 6 Cylinder, 193.8 kW (260 HP) @1800 RPM. These are all Tier 4 Final Certified and branded under Isuzu REDTech™ (Reliable, Eco-Friendly, Durable, and Technologically Advanced Diesel Technology). Isuzu Open GenSet-Ready Power Units are built using all components and features necessary to successfully meet all installation testing criteria associated with long engine life, while also maintaining optimized performance. Isuzu REDTech™ Pre-validated Power Units have been engineered for use with several different generator manufacturers’ products. These engines carry one of the best warranties in the industry, 5 years/5000 hours, and their power-unit components offer 2 years/2000 hours limited warranty. 


The standard power unit packages are engineered to include an air intake system with dual element air cleaner, exhaust gas after-treatment system, a complete cooling package, vibration isolators (engine and cooling package), and all engine filters. The power unit engine-control module and wiring harness incorporates oil pressure, coolant temperature, intake air pressure, and temperature and engine-speed sensors and shutdowns. These complete power units can also be assembled to a customer-supplied design of pre-validated skid base/generator combination, resulting in a 100-percent pre-validated Open GenSet Power Unit. 


The Isuzu REDTech™ Open GenSet Power Units have also been designed with a generator-ready skid base that has been 100-percent validated for one or more selected generator model/frame lines. If you use one of these complete (GenSet-Ready) Isuzu REDTech™ designs (power unit with cross member, mounting/isolators, and optional controller) with a pre-validated generator, it is possible for immediate turnarounds on inventory. In addition, various cross members mount as many as seven different common generator brands/models. When using a pre-validated 4J, 4H, or 6H Isuzu REDTech™ Open GenSet Power Unit, all that remains is a few days of vibration testing. This could also help reduce inventory by using pre-validated Isuzu Open GenSet Power Units that have been pre-engineered for several generator manufacturers’ products.