The eighth book on your punch list is The One Thing. This book shares the simple truth about getting the results that are stellar.


The One Thing provides a proven method for focusing on what truly matters in areas of your life where overwhelm may creep in and wreak your mojo. It takes work to make a change; we are naturally resistant to change. Ultimately, we are made for more and can BE MORE in our daily encounters with tasks and people. 


The book shares area of your life where the “one thing” could make positive difference.


Bringing clarity to your life can help define your purpose. What’s one thing you can today, next week, or in 90 days to be better at golf, better at communicating with project managers, and better at bidding open jobs? Start with one thing to move the needle forward. 


The family dynamic is best treasured with memories of vacations, helping children with homework, and experiences that build connections. Take inventory of your family life that needs a “one thing” approach to turn good days into best days.


Your job is an important facet of existence. Are you happy with your career? Are you where you want to be professionally? Taking a closer at all the variables surrounding your profession and job, select the one thing you can do to complete a project on time, find one thing to focus on to ensure you are not working yourself to death, put one thing on the mental “to-do list” and simply be present.


As a manager, supervisor, or executive, I’m sure you’ve led meetings, scheduled meetings, and sat in meetings. Meetings eat up time. What’s one thing you can do to make meetings more productive? Owner meetings are essential to projects; be organized with information and tangible assets so decisions can be made and progress moved ahead. 


Imagine a workforce with each respective laborer focusing on their “one thing” so a project meets timelines with quality work, practically ending the rework yo-yo that frustrates project managers. Would builds be better? Would injuries be reduced? Would the construction industry attract and retain workers with this simple concept? It’s worth thinking about and definitely worth putting in action.

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Gary Keller, author & co-founder, is the founder and chairman of the board for Keller Williams Realty, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. Jay Papasan, co-author & co-founder, is a bestselling author who serves as the vice president of strategic content for Keller Williams Realty International. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2023
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