Express Blower, Inc. designs and manufactures the ultimate in pneumatic blowing machines. Its equipment provides fast and precise blown-on application for large or small quantities of aggregates, soil blends, compost, and mulches—even to distant or challenging areas. The TR-HD model is no exception. Its relatively small footprint is easier to maneuver in congested areas, making it the perfect machine for urban green roofs, atriums, upper story courtyards, or any project where onsite loading is available.


Don’t let its size fool you. This compact trailer version has all the power of the full-size Express Blower® TM-45HD and TM-70HD models, even though it can be towed with a one-ton truck. The HD in the model name designates the Heavy Duty Blower and Hydraulic Package upgrade and includes the John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L diesel engine rated at 350 horsepower. Along with the blower at 2400 CFM @ 20 PSI, the HD models are the most powerful pneumatic blower machines of their kind on the market. All Express Blower HD machines are workhorses for aggregates, long distance applications, and very high green roof material installations.

In testing and equipped with flexible hose, the production rate of the TR-HD at 200 feet with 3/4-inch round rock was 48 tons per hour. When switched from flexible hose to a hard pipe configuration, the production rate nearly doubled to 93 tons per hour. A combination of hard pipe and flexible blower hose is often the better option for long-distance abrasive material jobs, such as those with rock. Not only does it increase production from flexible hose alone, but there is less hose to wear.

While results may vary depending on specified materials, project parameters, and operator experience, aggregates, rooftop soil mixes, and mulches are routinely blown vertically 20 stories or more. Application distances of up to 2,000 feet have also been recorded with processed soil blends, using a combination of flexible blower hose and hard pipe to increase distance and production. With green roofs and other applications in high density areas, the TR-HD helps eliminate unnecessary equipment such as cranes, manlifts, and other equipment that can create public walkway and roadway hazards. It also significantly decreases the amount of labor and time needed to accomplish jobs versus traditional methods.

For nearly 30 years, Express Blower, Inc. has led the pneumatic blower truck market with innovation, state-of-the-art systems, and practical experience. Whether it is for erosion control, green roofs, landscaping, construction, playgrounds, aggregates or Terraseeding®, EB equipment reduces labor requirements, saves job time, expands capabilities, and provides great profit potential. When you work with the people at Express Blower, you are working with the people who know blower trucks and the markets best.  

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