With the improved economy, commercial-grade trailers are selling faster than ever. This means getting a trailer equipped for heavy-duty applications that will provide years of money-making opportunities. I’ve owned many trailers over the years. Some have twisted and bounced down the road and had to be returned to the shop for welds and repairs, while others, better-built ones, stayed on the road longer and helped me make a living. They dutifully carried out any task I could throw at them.
One of the most versatile trailers on the market is a dump trailer. Hauling gravel, snow, asphalt, fill dirt, construction materials, equipment, or just the trash from the demolition site are all tasks that can be easily accomplished using a dump trailer. Having your own dump trailer will not only save you time and money, but it can save you from frustration as well. The ability to deliver and unload material by yourself will allow your jobsite to function more efficiently and give you a competitive advantage. With ramp accessibility, equipment, such as skid steers, mini excavators, or even recreational ATV’s for the weekend, can easily be loaded.
When shopping for a trailer, the first thing to consider is size and capacity. First, imagine your normal cargo. Determine the average weight you will need to move. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is one of the most important aspects when selecting your trailer. GVWR is typically the sum of the axle ratings; however, there are occasional exceptions depending on the build of the trailer. This is important because GVWR minus the base trailer weight yields the cargo capacity of the trailer. Second, consider the dimensions of your average cargo. This includes length and width. From time to time, depending on the cargo load, height and ground clearance are important factors to consider as well.
Finally, consider your coupling options and which option best suits your needs. Many bumper pull trailers typically range from 1,500 lbs. GVWR to 14,000 lbs. Some bumper pull trailers can even be rated all the way to up 30,000 lbs. in certain trailer models. But, be advised, gooseneck couplers are much more common once the 14,000 lbs. GVWR threshold is reached. After these few considerations, you are ready to start shopping.
The usual features to look for in a quality dump trailer include heavy-duty gauge sides and the right gate for dumping and spreading aggregate material. Heavy-duty axles and running gear rated for your payload are a requirement to keep your trailer and payload on the road. Radial tires will ensure a smooth and straight tow. Strong ramps are a must-have feature to aid in the loading and unloading of your equipment. Scissor lift hydraulic cylinders add higher bed lifting capacity. Powder-coated steel safeguards against rust and work abuse for longer life of the bed and frame. Sealed wiring harnesses will keep the elements out of your electrical system. Heavy fenders are needed to take constant materials spills and a daily beating in general. A tarp system will keep your load in the trailer and you out of court. And most importantly, a dump trailer with a heavy-duty frame system is of utmost importance. This factor alone can help make your investment last for years to come. There are also many other options to consider, including solar chargers, telescopic cylinders, spare tire mounts, d-rings, jack upgrades, wireless remotes, and many more to tailor your trailer to fit your specific job needs.
I recently came across Load Trail. They are a family owned manufacturer that has been in business since 1996 and offer many styles of trailers, including dump trailers, with an abundant variation of standard features. They have a rapidly expanding national dealer network and a strong network throughout Canada. Statistical Surveys, Inc. recently awarded Load Trail Trailers with the Largest Percentage Market Share Increase for 2014. This increase evaluates all trailer types nationwide, so these guys are on the move.
They have a huge list of standard features on all trailers including LED lights and Dexter self-adjusting brakes. Select from bumper pull or gooseneck dumps with slide-in ramps. Made with a one-piece—break-reinforced—10-gauge side construction for strength and durability. Standard powder coating in a variety of colors will match your implement and add durability. Dexter axles are standard on all trailers. Spring suspension is standard on most models with torsion axles or air ride suspension available as an option. 6-inch channel frame construction adds strength. Low-profile designs (7-inch lower deck for easier loading of equipment) are also available. 3-way tailgates, roll out tarps, and lockable toolboxes are standard on all dumps. There are endless optional features, including multiple configurations of removable side extensions. For the big jobs, add the triple-axle option, hydraulic tail gate, or, “King Size” flared sides for 15 percent more capacity in the bed.
Load Trail has a large list of options and standard features that are sure to fit your personal or business needs. Top it all off with their exclusive 2-3-2 warranty program standard on all Load Trail trailers. This industry best program offers 2 Years Comprehensive Warranty, 3 Years Structural Warranty, and 2 Years FREE Roadside Assistance. Load Trail also has a fully staffed parts department that is dedicated to fulfilling your parts needs. They offer numerous selections of both OEM and aftermarket parts for your trailer. Load Trail offers a full lineup of trailers for any business need, for more information or to find a dealer near you, visit www.loadtrail.com. ■
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Automotive journalist, H. Kent Sundling, reviews trucks, trailers, and accessories at MrTruck.com and MrTrailer.com. All Sundling’s new truck reviews include trailers. Average consumers can’t test drive trucks with trailers. Starting out as a Colorado farmer, Sundling used triple-axle, gooseneck flatbed trailers to haul hay.
Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2015
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