The fifth book on your punch list is The Business Playbook. This book is designed to help you document and delegate what you do so your company can scale and grow.


Starting a business, like a construction company, takes entrepreneurial spirit. You have the knowledge that backs your expertise, your vision is to start small and scale, you hire a few folks you know, and get to work. And, work consumes you. Every job is one where your people are not as highly skilled as you and you haven’t made the time to train. The business is getting away from you, and instead of growing the business to run without you, you are getting burned out. Something has to change. You need a business playbook to help you navigate the business infrastructure and benefit from the endeavor you started. One person in a company in charge of everything and doing everything leads to failure. It’s time to do, document, and delegate.


The author recommends reading the whole book first. Then, share the book with your key team members. Creating a playbook is a team sport, not a solo journey. Ask your key people to write down their responsibilities. Essentially, you’ve done the work in your business and have a process that gives you consistent results. To put your company on the path for success and growth, the system defined in The Business Playbook makes way for communicating areas of your business to others on the team or when onboarding new hires. The book also shares how to delegate the work so you are not doing everything yourself. 


Creating a playbook is more that simply documenting what you do so others can do the work as well. A playbook unburdens you for more, establishes consistently high standards for growth, and enhances the employee experience. Yes, customers are to be treated well. Employees matter too. A playbook shares what’s expected of team members, shares skills to advance employee growth, creates backups to support the company’s foundation, and keeps everyone aligned on the company’s vision and core values. 


There are seven essential qualities of a successful playbook: accessible, searchable, collaborative, instructive, fluid, structured, and trackable. Learn about these qualities and how they work together to provide the framework for your business. The Business Playbook guides you through the process and explains why documenting and delegating is so important.


With a playbook of your company, you’ve created an asset, which is the combined experience and knowledge of your entire company … including you. This process by which the company runs without depending on you or one person increases the company’s value. Let The Business Playbook take you through the people, policies, and process for success. 

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Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2023
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