Lind Equipment brightens the future of lighting

By Dina Panos

Did you know that all traditional and current light towers are built by generator companies? Their main goal is to sell you a generator, the lights, are just an added feature—not their focus. Lind Equipment is a lighting company, and its only focus is selling the best quality temporary LED lights on the market. Lind Equipment envisioned and designed a light tower that has the same light output that you’re used to with traditional towers, but in a completely unexpected package. 

Traditional tower lights are unreasonably heavy. They are hard to maneuver around a jobsite with a bulky generator attached. Tractors and trucks tow the unit around since it is simply too heavy and awkward for a single person to move. Additionally, at the most inopportune time, the light tower fails. The ballast breaks, a bulb needs replacement, and you have to organize a way to remove it from the site to fix it. All the while, wasting your precious time and money. The Beacon LED Tower eliminates all these problems typically found with the previous design and continues to innovate.


The Beacon LED Tower is the brightest and most cost-effective light tower in existence. With Lind Equipment’s high-efficiency LED lights, the Beacon LED Tower is able to produce the same light output as a traditional metal halide tower but with 80 percent less energy draw. That means you don’t need much energy to power the Beacon LED Tower. It can operate with external power on any 15A circuit, in fact, two towers are able to run on that single 15A circuit. No generator light tower can even imagine doing that without Lind Equipment LEDs. Plus, the lockable cabinet fits the standard auxiliary fuel tank inside and holds a small user-supplied 1000/2000W generator as well. Whatever your power option, the Beacon LED Tower will operate whisper quiet—ideal for any situation. 


Now that Lind Equipment has lights that produce the same light output that you’re used to with traditional towers, everything else changes. The model becomes ultra-portable without the need for a big generator. The tower weighs only a mere 300 pounds and can be simply picked up and placed in the back of a standard-size pickup truck. One person can even move, deploy, and operate the tower around a jobsite with ease. 


Don’t let the sleek look of this tower fool you. It’s a robust product that will perform no matter what your tough work environment throws at it. From extra-thick mast cables to wheels that can support the weight of a fishing boat, Lind Equipment put the same over-engineering that goes into our industry-leading LEDs into the physical strength of the Beacon LED Tower. It’s designed to survive in all types of weather conditions; from the bitter minus 40 degrees F weather to the hottest 104 degrees F environments seen. This unit is wet-location rated, wind-resistant, and certified IP65—it’s ready for any type of weather condition thrown at it.


Since debuting in 2017, the Beacon LED Tower has cleaned up with three awards in only 2 years. Winning the 2017 Rental Equipment Register (RER) Innovative Product Award, the 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA), and the 2019 Most Innovative Product (MIP) award. Each accomplishment recognized the significance of a lighting company building a light tower, rewarding excellence and innovation that is geared towards supplying consumers with a better product. Peer acknowledgment on innovation is a major accomplishment in any industry, and to have achieved multiple awards for it is a great honor. 


Lind Equipment’s Beacon LED Tower has completely altered the paradigm for light towers in the market. This is the future of lighting.

About the author

Dina Panos is the North American marketing specialist at Lind Equipment.For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, September 2019
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