As a contractor, your equipment needs change constantly depending on the types of projects your team is working to complete. When a project is finished and specific equipment is no longer needed, it can be frustrating to find the best option for liquidating. As a leading online marketplace for buying and selling equipment, Proxibid has a unique perspective on the asset disposition process. We have worked with thousands of auction companies and direct sellers to liquidate inventory.
Over the years, we have watched contractors struggle managing the disposition of their equipment. Through this observation, Proxibid created the AssetPath®, a new way to think about asset disposition. The AssetPath allows sellers to access all major disposition tactics—advertising, private-party sales, timed and live auctions, and direct purchase—from one single solution enabling contractors to sell equipment based on their own needs, moving from one method to the next quickly and easily depending on the sense of urgency to sell. This unique approach to asset disposition puts contractors in control.
If the goal is to raise awareness of the equipment you need to sell, simply advertise in the Proxibid Marketplace. sees three million site visitors and more than 18 million page views each month. Advertising opportunities on the Proxibid website provide sellers with direct access to a very active and valuable group of buyers who spent nearly $200 million on heavy construction equipment, vehicles, and farm machinery in the Proxibid Marketplace in 2013 alone.
Proxibid can facilitate private-party sales, which enables contractors to interact directly with the millions of qualified buyers who visit the site each month. Sell your equipment in two ways: 1) Instant Purchase: Name the price you want for your equipment and buyers purchase directly from you, or 2) Make Offer: Buyers make an offer on your equipment; you decide which offer to accept.
The Proxibid Marketplace provides multiple options for timed auctions. Proxibid can connect you with a member of our partner network who specializes in selling the type of equipment you need to liquidate. Or manage the process directly and run a timed event under your own brand. Buyers will recognize the sense of urgency and will understand that a sale is imminent.
If you need to move inventory quickly, a live auction through the Proxibid Marketplace is your best option. Partner with a trusted seller in our network and let the professionals manage the rest. Live auctions enable contractors to extend their reach by allowing buyers from anywhere in the world to purchase their equipment.
Sometimes contractors have equipment they need to dispose of immediately. In this instance, Proxibid can facilitate the purchase of your assets outright and will determine the best option for liquidation. This is the fastest way to dispose of your equipment using AssetPath.
It is great leap of faith to trust an online provider when buying and selling high priced items like heavy construction equipment. Working with a third party can help ensure a secure transaction, but Proxibid takes your security a few steps further to guarantee you’re protected when buying and selling online.
At Proxibid, we know we are only as strong as the community of buyers and sellers who form our Marketplace. We qualify and monitor users to ensure the Marketplace remains a fair and trusted site. That’s why we created a comprehensive risk management system that is a sophisticated hybrid of proprietary technology, manual processes, and third-party partnerships built around two simple ideas—ensuring buyers and sellers are who they say they are and do what they say they are going to do.
Our best-in-class risk management system is behind every sale, whether that be at auction or a more traditional instant purchase or make-offer transaction. A number of tools in our risk management system are geared specifically to support the seller, including:
MarketGuard: All sales on Proxibid are monitored by MarketGuard®, our proprietary, bank-quality risk assessment software. Before any user can participate, their information is run through a series of algorithms and must pass various checkpoints. Marketguard uses the data entered in the buyer’s account and other third-party information to determine if they will be a reliable customer. Buyers can only participate in a sale if they pass the MarketGuard test. And sellers can require additional information to ensure buyers are vetted more aggressively. It all happens instantly, behind-the-scenes, giving buyers a hassle-free shopping experience.
Dispute Resolution: Proxibid provides dispute resolution services in those situations when buyers and sellers do come to an impasse regarding a transaction. Proxibid mitigates disputes acting as an impartial party representing the Marketplace to ensure both parties live up to their commitments. This is a unique service not seen on any other live selling platform and is highly coveted amongst our sellers.
Whether buying or selling on Proxibid, our trusted platform ensures a smooth transaction between buyers and sellers of highly valued items. Whether you have used inventory to sell or need to source equipment for your next project, Proxibid is the place for you. ■
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Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2014
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