To help contractors resolve excessive hotel noise issues quickly and cost-effectively, Soundproof Windows, a national manufacturer of window and patio door soundproofing products, provides soundproof windows that can reduce external noise by up to 95% when installed in front of an existing window. Now, the company offers a test window program that allows contractors to offer a test window or two to their hotel customers at a 25% discount before making a major purchase.


The cost-effective test program gives hotels a chance to experience the difference for themselves in a guestroom or two that face a problem area like a major street, freeway, or pool before deciding whether further installation is desired. The hotel’s existing windows are tested for external noise penetration and recommendations are made based on which windows need soundproofing the most.

Loud exterior noise from traffic, train tracks, late-night parties, and general urban living penetrates right through traditional windows and patio doors, making it difficult for hotel guests to relax and sleep. Left unaddressed, excess noise will curtail hotel bookings and trigger scathing social media reviews, compromising a hotel’s reputation and bottom line.

Research shows that the majority of external noise passes through windows, not walls, and costly window replacement is not a viable solution. Traditional double pane replacement windows filter out only slightly more noise than single pane. The air space for both double pane windows does very little to retard the sound vibrations, and noise often enters through aging window seals.


In contrast, Soundproof Windows has created a “second window” that can be installed by a contractor easily in front of the existing windows, designed to match and function like the original window, no matter its design or whether it opens and closes.

Because no window replacement is required, installation can take as little as one hour per window, optimizing contractor productivity and minimizing hotel disruption. A similar technique provides comparable benefits for sliding patio doors.


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