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Ray O’Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems, shares his thoughts about the necessity of change, important innovations and technologies, and their acceptance into the construction, survey, agriculture, and other related industries. The following is the conclusion of his comments from the last issue.
In addition to the asset management aspects, the automation during the executional phase of any job now also offers direct, real-time connection to the office; immediate “as built” updates to the design allow work to be done once; rework caused by a lag in change order communications is minimized, and the completed work well-documented and stored for future use. Advanced software technology systems today—called by the catch-all term Business Information Modeling (BIM)—allows companies to plan, collaborate, and predict performances and progress on any project during all phases of design, production, and construction, and actually even before a single measurement is made or any dirt is moved.
This puts Topcon’s focus on true process automation and advanced productivity solutions that offer more than time-savings on the jobsite. It puts our focus on complete, optimized workflow. The result is the most advanced technologies to all elements of our customers’ processes from machines to office automation and data flow. In order to do this successfully, to ensure that onsite equipment works in perfect harmony with the best control systems, and that the office planning and design, administration, and even maintenance will benefit from complete and accurate data, Topcon takes the best workflow solutions a step further by sharing and connecting technologies developed by our engineers with other original equipment manufacturers. These include machine manufacturers, software developers, and office automation companies. Unlike some companies, Topcon is not interested in locking up a “one-way-only” approach that often happens when a company has acquisitions or a restricted OEM strategy as a priority that can ultimately lead to less creative or application-restricted solutions. By partnering with OEMs, we are sharing knowledge that leads to faster, more creative innovations that benefit end-users worldwide.
The next generation of technology will build on technology that was built on previous technology. Engineers and scientists around the world are working on the next generation of defining technologies that will further advance the constant search for instruments and data management that can more effectively save time, increase productivity, and create an opportunity for a company to improve its financial profile. Whatever advancement of which you can conceive … somewhere, some engineer is already working on making that dream a reality. The secret to a successful manufacturing business is to conceive, develop, manufacture, and make available innovative products that customers do not even realize they need to improve their company. It is then up to businesses to analyze technological advances, and decide which technologies can directly benefit them, short- and long-term. If those companies deny that technology can improve their business top to bottom, they will be left at the mercy of competitors who do embrace change, fighting for leftover scraps rather than forging their own future as an innovative player. ■
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Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2013
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