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Take the Guesswork Out of Machine Maintenance

Take the Guesswork Out of Machine Maintenance

John Deere Fluid Analysis program gives you important insight into the inner workings of your John Deere-powered equipment

Knowledge is power. So it just stands to reason: A better understanding of the condition of your engine and drivetrain components will help you maintain and improve the performance and longevity of your John Deere-powered equipment.
Routine fluid analysis gives you that knowledge. John Deere Power Systems offers a fluid-analysis program that tells you what’s going on inside all of your machine’s major components—your engine, transmission, hydraulic pump, cooling, and fuel systems—to stave off potential problems and downtime.
“John Deere is very focused on customer satisfaction,” says Nathan Holven, product manager in parts marketing at John Deere Power Systems. “We want every customer to have the true John Deere experience. The John Deere Fluid Analysis program is a powerful tool to improve machine maintenance, ensure reliability, and protect uptime.”

Doing the lab work
The John Deere Power Fluid Analysis program is currently available in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
The process is simple: Pick up an oil, fuel, or coolant sample kit through your John Deere dealer. Extract the fluid samples. Fill out a form with some basic fluid and machine data. Then, send the sample and form directly to the designated lab. John Deere partners with a third-party independent laboratory that uses state-of-the-art technology to assess fluid samples for both chemical and physical properties.
Even better, make it easy on yourself and let your local John Deere dealer handle the process. Our John Deere certified service technicians have the training and knowledge to collect samples and can also ship them to the lab. Plus, our certified technicians have the expertise to analyze the lab results, offer service recommendations, and help you create a customized maintenance plan for your engine and other powertrain components.
Here are the three tests that are available and a brief summary of results that you’ll receive from the John Deere Fluid Analysis program:
Oil analysis. Your engine oil, hydraulic fluid, or powertrain lubricants will be tested for many parameters, including wear debris, contaminants, and moisture. An oil analysis will help you measure the useful life of your fluids and help you optimize drain intervals.
Fuel analysis. Water, particulates, or bacteria can contaminate your diesel or biodiesel fuel. A fuel analysis will test 19 physical and chemical parameters and will also determine if your fuel meets the specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM-D975-12A).
Coolant analysis. Did you know that up to 40 percent of engine failures can be avoided with a coolant analysis? We test 23 parameters, including all organic acids, to determine if your coolant and cooling system are working properly.
You’ll receive a full report of the results by email. Better yet, sign up with your John Deere dealer and retrieve your reports by logging into JohnDeere.ALS.Tribology.com. From our branded website, you can download data, create sample summaries, and generate management reports.
Results can also be sent to the palm of your hand through a new mobile app called Webtrieve™. It’s free and available through Apple iTunes store or Google Play store.
Think of the long-term benefits. By taking a proactive approach to maintenance, you’ll boost performance, productivity, uptime, and your bottom line. Use the test results to determine a trend over a period of time. You can perform a trending analysis on a specific machine or on your entire equipment fleet. You’ll improve your equipment’s resale value, too.
“The trend that we’re seeing is: Equipment owners who routinely sample their machine’s fluids will improve the resale of that equipment, simply because they can supply the new owners with documented maintenance records generated by this program.”
So pick up your John Deere Fluid Analysis kit, and get on the road to reliability and a better resale value.

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For More Information For more information, contact your John Deere dealer, or visit www.deere.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, June 2014
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