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Many software products today are cumbersome and overly complex. Luckily, you don’t have to be an astrophysicist to use Explorer Contract Manager Version 7. The latest version of Explorer’s flagship product was designed to be highly intuitive and flexible. It adapts to meet the user’s needs, allowing them to add fields to collect specific information or skip fields to streamline processes.
Version 7 is entirely browser-based, which means that contractors can access the software from virtually anywhere that has an Internet connection. This gives them the freedom and the flexibility to log in from different jobsites and work from a variety of locations. Contractors can run Contract Manager Version 7 on their own server, or opt for Explorer’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which eliminates the need to purchase and maintain hardware. This is particularly desirable for contractors who may not have the IT resources to devote to maintaining complicated systems.
Explorer continually invests in R&D to deliver new enhancements and functionality to its ever increasing customer base. “At Explorer, our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier, so we’re continually using their feedback to drive new development and so far, the results have been excellent,” observes Jim McFarlane, president and CEO of Explorer Software. Longtime Explorer customer, Bernie Hale, controller for Pavement Recycling Systems, echoes this sentiment. According to Hale, “My first observation was how committed Explorer employees are to putting out an innovative product. Without exception, everyone was excited about the new version. Then there were the new features: the dashboard; the additional user fields; the ability for management to put together their own reports rather than be stuck with stagnant canned reports. It’s not just about getting information. It’s about getting information relevant to Pavement Recycling. Version 7 will allow us to get relevant information and increase profits.”
Currently, Explorer is getting ready to release its new intelligent document management module, called DocPro, which will take the guess work out of locating documents, saving users valuable time. With so many invoices, checks, contracts, RFIs, and other documents, remembering where they are filed can be a challenge. DocPro uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read and store documents, completely eliminating the need to create indexes or remember keywords. Like Google search, users can simply type what they’re looking for and the system will find it.
In today’s digital age, you can’t afford to be two steps behind in business, but that’s exactly what many contractors are doing when they rely on archaic batch systems. Accessing critical information is vital to making good strategic decisions and delivering profitable projects. Explorer’s information is updated in real time, while the dashboard and analytics make it easy for managers to assess the health of their projects at a glance. Users can customize their dashboards to show information that corresponds to their own daily activities. For example, project managers can customize their dashboards so they can easily review and route invoices for approval. Information can be presented in an easy-to-read, graphical format that keeps critical information at the forefront. Managers can also drill down for detail when necessary so they can take corrective action swiftly.
Tablet computers are changing the way we work, allowing users to complete key tasks in a convenient, portable way. Using the built-in GPS capability on most smart phones, Explorer’s Contract Manager DocPro will automatically tag, upload, and save photos from the jobsite based on your GPS location, completely eliminating manual entry and filing.
Explorer’s Project+ is a web application that is designed for remote data collection. It runs on an iPad, Android tablet, or in a web browser on a laptop. Working in conjunction with Contract Manager, it is ideal for the jobsite. The application allows users to quickly collect time, equipment, and production data on or offline, and then transmit to the office. There’s no need to rekey information. Crew members can easily enter information into Project+, submit for approval, and even sign off with the signature capture feature on the tablet. The intuitive touch interface of a tablet lets users do everything just by tapping the screen. A foreman can simply review the information in Project+ and accept. No more spelling errors or wasting time deciphering messy handwriting. What could be easier? ■
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Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2013
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