With the start of a new year, preparing for trends in building takes center stage. Garnica, a leader in sustainable plywood manufacturing since 1941, continues to explore new methods to effectively manage and utilize natural resources. To learn more about what’s to come in 2024, David Smith, president of Garnica’s North American Division, shares his insights. Here is a brief Q&A regarding sustainability and efficiency in commercial construction.

Garnica has a history of offering innovative plywood solutions. What emerging design and material trends do you believe will have a significant impact on commercial construction projects in 2024, and how is Garnica preparing to address these trends?

SMITH: In 2024, we anticipate a continued emphasis on sustainability and efficiency in commercial construction. Garnica is committed to staying at the forefront of these trends by placing a continued emphasis on supply chain transparency, responsible forestry, and constant product innovation. We are particularly focused on lightweight, high-quality, and easily machinable plywood that align with the industry’s growing demand for environmentally conscious and efficient construction materials. Our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainable practices positions Garnica to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in this dynamic market.

With your expertise in operational efficiencies, what are the key efficiency-related challenges and opportunities you anticipate in the commercial construction sector in the upcoming year, and how can businesses address them effectively?

SMITH: Efficiency remains a critical aspect of the commercial construction sector, and in 2024, businesses must navigate challenges such as supply chain disruptions and rising material costs. Garnica recognizes the importance of operational efficiency and is leveraging advanced technologies, including AI, to optimize our manufacturing and distribution processes. By embracing smart solutions and strategic partnerships, we aim to mitigate supply challenges through initiatives such as our Quickship program which offers ultra short lead times for our customers and allows them to minimize their stock levels and rotate their stock faster. This proactive approach positions Garnica to adapt swiftly to market dynamics and deliver value to our clients.

Given your background in revolutionizing construction technology, can you share your insights on how digital advancements and smart construction technologies are expected to shape the commercial construction landscape in 2024?

SMITH: Digital advancements and smart technologies are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the commercial construction landscape in 2024 particularly in the context of AI and 3D printing. AI has the potential to enhance sustainable forest management by improving forest health monitoring, predicting and mitigating threats, optimizing logging practices, conserving biodiversity, and assisting with strategic decision-making. Garnica, in collaboration with the School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering at the University of León, has been actively engaged in exploring and developing these cutting-edge technologies for forest management. By incorporating AI into our operations, we are not only enhancing environmental protection efforts but also contributing to the broader industry trend of embracing technology to achieve greater efficiency, precision, and sustainability in construction processes. Our commitment to technological innovation extends beyond our forestry practices to our actual products including Infinity plywood which integrates 3D printing technology for enhanced design flexibility. Garnica’s Infinity plywood features digitally printed veneer designs over premium European poplar plywood, providing industry professionals with a cost-effective alternative to expensive, exotic wood species.

In your role as president of Garnica’s North American Division, what trends do you anticipate in the demand for sustainable building materials, and how is Garnica positioning itself to meet this demand in the coming year?

SMITH: The demand for sustainable building materials continues to grow, driven by an increased focus on environmental responsibility. Garnica is well-positioned to meet this demand by offering plywood solutions that align with our core values of sustainability and quality. Our innovative line of products and unique sourcing and manufacturing process underscore our commitment to staying at the forefront of environmental protection. We anticipate a sustained demand for sustainable solutions in the coming year, and Garnica remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the North American market.

How do you foresee sustainability practices evolving in the commercial construction industry in 2024, and what initiatives do you think will gain prominence?

SMITH: In 2024, sustainability practices in the commercial construction industry are expected to evolve with an increased focus on circular economy principles and reduced environmental impact. Net Zero energy buildings are gaining momentum as well as modular and prefabricated construction wherein some or most of a building is constructed before it is brought to the actual construction site to reduce waste and increase efficiencies. The global modular construction market was worth about $91 billion as of 2022 and it is expected to grow to $120.4 billion by 2027 (Markets and Markets, 2023). Garnica, with over 80 years of commitment to sustainability, anticipates that ESG initiatives promoting responsible forest management and eco-friendly manufacturing processes will gain prominence. 


Garnica’s ongoing participation in the UN Global Compact and various recognitions and certifications underscore its dedication to sustainable practices. The company foresees a continued emphasis on transparency, traceability, and innovation in the pursuit of environmentally conscious construction materials, aligning with its ongoing mission and initiatives.

David Smith

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David Smith has more than 28 years of industry expertise. He has a proven track record in customer-centric solutions and specializes in dynamic market leadership through sustainable innovation. For more, visit www.garnica.one

Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2024
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