Surface protection for steel tracked construction equipment is a deal-breaker for most contractors today, and for good reason. Many excavators come from the factory with bolt-to-link “roadliner” rubber pads for this reason; however, rubber didn’t seem to be performing very well and Superior Tire noticed it. “We see it at almost every jobsite we go to—chunks of rubber, chewed up pads, and an unhappy contractor that just bought the pads a few hundred hours ago. There’s a far better solution,” says Kevin Rotondelli, national sales manager at Superior Tire. Superior Tire looked to polyurethane, a far stronger pad material, to solve the durability issue and created the CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™. Confident in its performance, they gave it a work-life guarantee of 2 years or 2,000 hours—whichever comes first. 

That’s not all they set out to solve either. Kevin stated that contractors were being left waiting weeks and even months in some cases due to overseas shipping issues. “We manufacture right here in Pennsylvania and we designed the CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi in a way that allows us to ship off the shelf in 72 hours or less, and we guarantee that availability as well,” he says. “You don’t have to over-pay for poor product and you don’t have to wait forever—you can buy a better made, American product, faster and cheaper.”

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has been designing and manufacturing rubber and polyurethane track pads for more than 40 years. Their industry leading CUSHOTRAC® Track Pads are used to protect existing infrastructure from damage caused by the steel grouser shoes typically found on crawler type construction equipment. Kevin Rotondelli and his team work alongside contractors, operators, and mechanics, in person and on jobsites to understand the capabilities and problems they face.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. was founded in 1964 in Warren, Pennsylvania. They’re one of the few polyurethane and rubber manufacturers that operate entirely in the United States. Kevin states in closing, “Being an American Made company is important to us; it’s something that we’re proud of. There are a lot of companies out there outsourcing their manufacturing to foreign countries for ten cents on the dollar—but you get what you pay for.” 

Superior Tire is also one of the only rubber and polyurethane tire and wheel manufacturers in the US to be certified to ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management. 

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