Sunflower Boat & Barge of Dubuque, Iowa, is a one-stop-shop for contractors working over the water. Sunflower maintains an extensive fleet of marine construction equipment and related accessories available for lease. Sunflower expanded its fleet in 2018 by adding a new construction crane barge built in house, and two new 600 hp truckable tugboats. Planned expansion for 2019 includes two more new construction crane barges and three additional 600 hp truckable tugboats.

The first of the new crane barges measures in at 120 ft x 54 ft, while the second will be 120 ft x 40 ft. Designed specifically for floating large cranes, these new barges will provide optimal crane platforms for bridge building contractors or anyone else needing large and strong platforms.

Sunflower Boat & Barge’s existing fleet includes numerous inland river crane barges, material barges, and deck/spud barges of various sizes. Sunflower also leases portable sectional barges, available in four different sizes (3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, and 7 ft hull depths), allowing for configuration of a work platform that fits each customer’s unique needs and also allowing access to nearly every inland water. Sectional barge platforms can be designed to support projects ranging from floating plant operations for painting and drilling jobs all the way up to configurations designed to handle heavy cranes. 

In addition to barges, Sunflower has traditional tugboats ranging in size from 300 hp to 1,800 hp, as well as truckable tugboats from 300 hp to 600 hp.

Hydraulic dredges? Yep, they have them too, again, in a range of sizes to fit the requirements of your project. Dredges vary from 8 inches up to a new in 2015 Ellicott 1270. Crawler cranes ranging from 45 ton to 450 ton are also available for lease and can be loaded to barges from their facility in Dubuque, Iowa. Additional equipment available includes spuds, spudwells, and spud winches, as well as long reach excavators, dredge pipe, and heavy rigging and lifting gear. 

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