Sullair is at it again. This time turning the world of portable air compressors upside down with the Sullair Mid-Range Series—the ultimate in efficiency and versatility. With the 800HH/900H model delivering 800–900 cfm at 150–200 psi, and the 920H/1100 model delivering 920–1100 cfm at 100–150 psi and the ability to set nearly infinite pressure and flow combinations within those ranges, these units can cover the jobs of up to nine compressors. Featuring best-in-class fuel efficiency, a compact design and unprecedented versatility and ease of use, these two units are a revolutionary change to compressed air on the jobsite. 


Legendary compressors start with legendary air ends. Driven by the Sullair 23-Series variable capacity air end, the Mid-Range takes a 30-year legacy of Sullair spiral valve expertise in the industrial market on the road. Not only is this air end extremely efficient, it provides the durability Sullair is best known for. This means the Mid-Range is in it for the long haul and ready to work alongside you all day, every day for a long time.

At its core, the Sullair Mid-Range Series is designed for maximum efficiency. It is the first Sullair portable diesel air compressor to incorporate electronic spiral valve technology which helps maximize fuel efficiency and extend runtimes by matching air supply to demand. This means your compressor stays on the job as long as you do—it doesn’t quit until you quit. Plus, this technology allows nearly infinite combinations of pressure and flow options which can be changed quickly and easily using the state-of-art touch screen controller.

The Sullair Touch Screen Controller (STS) is designed for ease of use on the jobsite. With the touch of a finger, you can set pressure and flow values, control spiral valve operation and get in-depth compressor information—even with work gloves on. 

Premium engines make this compressor an unmatched powerhouse on the jobsite. You have your choice of a Caterpillar 7.1l or Perkins 1206J diesel engine. With all the features that matter, these engines are small, designed for reduced noise and longer service intervals—up to 500 hours. All backed by industry-leading dealer networks. 

Plus, the smaller package size of the engine reduces the overall compressor weight. This makes towing and maneuverability easier and minimizes impacts to the environment. Coupled with the Sullair Electronic Spiral Valve Technology, these engines help the Mid-Range provide best-in-class fuel efficiency and reliable operation in cold weather or high altitudes. 


Sullair left no stone unturned when designing this Series. Mid-Range compressors have multiple service doors with robust push-to-close latches. These provide easy access to all service components to maximize time on the jobsite and help increase worker safety. Users also have the option of adding Airlinx®, which provides telematics and remote monitoring capabilities.

The Sullair Mid-Range Series is a true master-of-all-trades. With best-in-class fuel efficiency, unprecedented versatility, and the durability Sullair promises with every unit, you can count on this compressor to revolutionize compressed air on the jobsite.


Sullair has been on the leading edge of compressed air solutions since 1965. Sullair understands air compressors are more than just construction equipment, they are critical to keep jobsites up and running. That’s why Sullair offers true compressed air solutions engineered for reliability, durability and performance. 

Reliability means your compressor shows up on the jobsite every day, ready to work as hard as you do. Durability means bulletproof equipment ready to stand the test of time and keep running for years to come. Performance means compact designs for easier storage and maneuverability, increased efficiency for longer time on the jobsite and, for larger units, easy-access connections to external fuel sources making long-term operation possible.  

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