GPS platform profitability

GPS platform designed to seize control of road logistics and profitability

GivenHansco, a developer of integrated producer-driven software products for the concrete ready-mix industry, launched its comprehensive, truck-focused, tablet-based GPS suite—“Keystone Online On-Delivery.” The integrated platform offers a new realm of streamlined customer service control and logistics management possibilities for today’s ready-mix concrete industry.

Designed in-house by GivenHansco as an extension of its advanced Keystone Online family of products, Keystone Online On-Delivery features an on-line dispatch dashboard that allows users to view real-time current day orders and details including amounts ordered and delivered by plant(s). 

Compatible with most Android devices, On-Delivery also features GPS truck tracking which provides statusing and text messaging—delivering essential instant/constant communication between the driver and dispatch. Now, drivers can view ticket information with vital data such as complete product loads—all before the truck is loaded. 

GPS platform profitability


On-Delivery offers a multitude of à la carte add-on functions to provide an immediate overview of essential information that can be leveraged from virtually anywhere including: 

Navigation: Provides live truck-route friendly turn-by-turn directions to the jobsite and back—preventing drivers from getting lost. The detailed truck route data shows bridges, weight limits, and reroutes them if necessary—saving time, money, and increased safety. 

Push-To-Talk: A button on the driver’s tablet device delivers radio-like communication with dispatch, other drivers, and customized groups. It also allows dispatch to talk to all drivers and records it.

E-ticket: An electronic ticket that can be signed on-site and emailed to customers immediately. Simply view the ticket on the dispatch screen and it’s emailed to the customer after it’s signed—eliminating wasteful paper copies. 

E-Log: Records driver hours for DOT hauling.

State Mileage Reporting: Records miles being driven between different states.

Keystone On-Delivery also offers a starter platform—GPS Lite. Ideal for smaller companies to leverage as an initial pilot foundation, GPS Lite features a small modem-based truck tracking device that is mounted in the truck with a simple power cable. Used exclusively for simple truck tracking and statusing, it includes an on-line dashboard that allows users to view current day orders and details including amounts ordered and delivered to plant(s).


From navigation to delivery, once the E-ticket is signed, all On-Delivery function options are available allowing all key parties (i.e., driver, customer, dispatch, accounting, etc.) to interact instantly with optimal control and efficiency—maximizing the cycles of production, delivery, and profitability.

About the author:

Ron Wallace is vice president of GivenHansco. For more than 35 years, GivenHansco has been an innovative leader in developing integrated, producer-driven software products for the ready-mix construction industry including a myriad of concrete, asphalt, and aggregate producers. For more information, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2019
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