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Our mission revolves around a simple question, “Why?”. For every Somero® employee the answer is clear: We work hard to deliver world-class products and services because we’re passionate about our customers’ success and we strive to ensure our customers achieve their business and profitability goals.

Our customers see this passion day-in and day-out, and as a result, we earn their loyalty and are able to retain them as a customer for life.

The use of our technology and equipment enables our customers to install every concrete slab faster, flatter, and with fewer people.


Somero technology was developed based on a deep understanding of the industry and direct customer engagement that to this day drives us to develop innovative products and services that enable our customers to produce higher quality floors and increase their productivity and, ultimately, their bottom line.

Somero’s business is far more than simply selling equipment. Providing customers access to unparalleled industry expertise, training, and support is core to our success as an educator and innovator in the concrete industry.


Somero offers a wide portfolio of products that cover concrete slab placements in all types of construction projects. In addition to equipment and software products, Somero sells parts and accessories, and provides service and training to customers to keep their machines up and running, operating optimally. 


Somero pioneered the Laser Screed® machine market in 1986 and has since led through continued innovation by growing its product offering from a single product in 1986 to a broad portfolio of a dozen-plus products, and by developing proprietary designs that are protected by a portfolio of 63 patents and patent applications. Somero operates in markets across the globe with minimal direct competition.

Somero’s customers are a specialized group consisting of concrete contractors who specialize in commercial projects all over the globe. Somero products have been sold in more than 90 countries across every time zone. Our target customer is the commercial concrete flooring contractor, of any size, who is ready to move to the next level of profitability with their business. 


So how does this all translate to the machines we build? From our very first machine to our most technologically advanced machine, we never compromise on doing things precisely and with an appreciation of our customer’s needs. Look no further than the S-22EZ Laser Screed Machine. As the most technologically advanced Laser Screed machine available in the world, the S-22EZ is packed with features that give you the competitive advantage.

Equipped with 360-degree machine rotation, a 20 ft/6m telescopic boom and your choice of pivoting screed heads, the S-22EZ continues the tradition of delivering the industry’s highest quality and production rates with unsurpassed maneuverability. The customized OASIS laser control system is simple to operate and is upgradeable as technology advances. A redesigned, EZ Clean Head reduces cleanup time and improves long-term maintenance. New convenience features and redesigned storage compartments improve ergonomics around the machine and operator efficiency.

The S-22EZ options platform allows you to build the machine you need to meet your demands. Options include, but are not limited to: 12 ft or 14 ft head width, roller plow, on-board pressure washer with hose reel, operator heat, spray bar, and the Somero Floor Levelness System®

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Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2020
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