Whatever surface type you need to protect, Skudo has a solution that will meet your needs. Skudo products are suitable for protecting any size project, ranging from high capacity stadiums to small residential renovations. 

Most commonly used on concrete and terrazzo, the Skudo Commercial System is one of our best-selling and most durable surface protection solutions available. Available in both Heavy Traffic (HT) and Medium Traffic (MT) grades, this system is tough enough to withstand forklifts, machinery, and spills with test-proven Antimicrobial protection (ISO-20743). The HT grade is also Class 1 Fire/Flame retardant according to ASTM E 648 and NFPA 253 standards.

Skudo Tack-Mat and SkudoBoard offer solutions for a wide variety of surface types. Tack-Mat is a self-adhesive mat that is available in several variations depending on your project requirements. SkudoBoard is a heavy-duty flame retardant polypropylene board that is reusable, waterproof, slip-resistant, high-impact, and stain resistant. 

Need to protect glass or metal? Skudo Glass Advanced is a temporary peelable film that can be left in place for up to 12 months. 


Skudo products also help keep workers safe as well as surfaces. Another addition to our fire retardant and slip resistant products, Skudo All-Terrain Mat provides a safe walkway over uneven ground, such as mud, snow, sand, rocks, ramps, and TPO roofing. 


Since 2010, Skudo USA has been providing North America with premium temporary surface protection solutions. Originally developed in Australia, Skudo products have evolved to meet the needs of the ever-changing construction industry. 

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