DALLAS, TX: April 7, 2020 Skudo USA, the award-winning North American manufacturer and distributor of premium temporary surface protection products, announces that they are working diligently with contractors coordinating with local authorities and FEMA to quickly open temporary surge facilities due to the COVID-19 national health crisis. They are doing so by supplying the extremely durable SkudoBoard product line to these emergency healthcare centers, which are quickly filling up many universities, schools, gymnasiums, convention centers, stadiums, and other multipurpose high-capacity facilities across the United States.

“Like thousands of other businesses, Skudo has had to quickly shift our focus to meet the demands of the new reality that the COVID-19 virus has unexpectedly put upon all of us,” says Skudo USA President Brendon Smith. “Our SkudoBoard is ideal for these types of environments as it not only protects existing surfaces but helps keep patients and healthcare workers safe as well.”

SkudoBoard is a heavy-duty flame retardant polypropylene board that delivers a lightweight, easy to install, easily maintained, durable and clean surface. It is highly suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as open flooring, walls, hallways, elevators, and ceilings.

SkudoBoard is waterproof, slip-resistant, and stain/spill resistant. The high-impact resistance of SkudoBoard spreads impact loads, protecting surfaces from medical equipment, beds, carts, gurneys, and heavy foot traffic.

“Many of these temporary hospitals are currently being set up in facilities with surface types not typically used in healthcare facilities, like polished or sealed concrete, carpet, tile, or hardwood,” Smith explains. “SkudoBoard is able to protect these surfaces from damage while also providing workers with something that is safe and easily disinfected in order to maintain the sterile environment that these healthcare centers require.”

One of Skudo’s best selling products since it was first introduced in 2016, SkudoBoard has already been used on many high-profile construction projects throughout the United States, including several hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as stadiums and shopping malls.


Originally developed in Australia to fill a need for high-quality temporary protection systems, shielding damage sensitive installed surfaces during ongoing construction, Skudo USA President Brendon Smith first brought the Skudo technology to the United States in 2010. Skudo USA currently provides innovative, purpose-built surface protection systems that offer superior performance compared to more common or traditional systems. For more, visit www.skudousa.com.