You may have noticed construction projects are taking longer to complete these days. The primary reason? Skyrocketing demand and a worsening shortage of workers in the skilled trades where the need was already far outpacing the number of tradespeople available before the pandemic, according to a new analysis by PeopleReady’s skilled trades division. 

According to the PeopleReady Skilled Trades analysis of millions of job postings, skilled trades were one of the few industries to experience growth nearly every month throughout the pandemic. However, the number of skilled tradespeople, already at a massive deficit, didn’t keep up. Amid an overall workforce shortage, the gap between demand and supply for tradespeople is only growing wider. But it has created significant opportunities for anyone looking to make a career change. 

PeopleReady Skilled Trades notes that in addition to the need for skilled tradespeople, there are also plenty of helper or beginner positions available in nearly all of the trades for those looking to get their start in the skilled trades. For more, visit