It’s been several years since Thunder Creek Equipment, the original innovator of square-by-design fuel trailers, launched its first trailer. Since then, the company has consistently rolled out new, innovative products that make servicing equipment in the field much more efficient.
Thunder Creek’s Double Wall Fuel Trailers provide 110 percent fuel containment in compliance with the EPA’s SPCC Program, as well as DOT406 and Transport Canada regulations.
The unique design streamlines transporting fuel between jobsites and provides a secure, on-site solution for fuel storage. It eliminates the need to build in a secondary containment when opening up a new site.
Available in 990-gallon capacities, this trailer can be outfitted with a Utility Box or Service Special configurations to include space tools and parts, like a 3-in-1 welder, air compressor, and generator.
Thunder Creek also offers a customizable Service & Lube Trailer. This model holds 440 gallons of fluid in combinations of 27.5-, 55- and 110-gallon capacities. It can be configured with up to eight tanks. These can be used for various oils and lubricants, oil reclaim, as well as antifreeze, diesel fuel, and diesel exhaust fluid depending on operational needs. Grease systems are also available.
The pumping systems are protected by two hatch doors located on either side of the trailer. Pneumatic pumps are powered by the 3-in-1 welder, air compressor, and generator unit or a combination compressor/generator located in the rear utility box.
The front toolbox, located in the nose of the trailer, has a used filter drain pan and space for additional equipment needed to service equipment.
“This trailer is all about minimizing the time needed to service equipment in the field, without the capital investment that comes with a dedicated lube truck,” says Mike VanderLinden, product engineer at Thunder Creek Equipment.
Thunder Creek offers three types of solutions for handling DEF in off-road environments. Each is designed and manufactured with strict adherence to the ISO 22241 Standard and is equipped with a patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System.
This proprietary solution allows users to fill from the bulk DEF supply, transport to the jobsite, and dispense into machinery. All of this is accomplished in a closed-loop to ensure there is no atmospheric exchange that could potentially contaminate the fluid.
DEF Delivery Options for Fuel and Service Trailers
Double Wall Fuel Trailers and Service & Lube Trailers can be enhanced with a DEF Delivery System to bring the fluid to the jobsite along with diesel, lubricants, tools, and parts. They are available in either 115- or 330- gallon capacities with optional heating systems for colder climates.
Bulk DEF Trailers
Thunder Creek also has trailers for the sole purpose of transporting DEF. These are available with a self-contained tank and toolbox heating system to protect the fluid in even the most remote environments. These are available in 500- and 990-gallon capacities.
DEF Transport Tote
New this year is the DEF Transport Tote. It’s perfect for operations just starting to run their first pieces of machinery with SCR technology. It brings the best of Thunder Creek’s DEF Delivery Solutions to the back of a standard truck bed. It combines a 50-gallon specialized poly tank and 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System under a lockable, weather-sealed door.
Thunder Creek’s low-profile fuel and service trailers tow safely—and legally—at highway speeds. The distinction is what’s inside. Multiple baffles span the full tank making for a trailer that moves with you, not against you.
Because the end of the road is only halfway there, Thunder Creek trailers are built for continual use in rough terrain. Every detail is designed with this in mind. With more ground clearance, torsion axles, and a custom built frame, you won’t find a trailer that’s tougher.
Thunder Creek trailers deliver everything you need to maintain your machinery in minutes. With a wide variety of configurations, you can outfit yours with diesel, DEF, lubricants, as well as tools and parts to maximize your field time and get more done.
Just because it looks like Thunder Creek, doesn’t mean it is. Only Thunder Creek’s fuel and service trailers and DEF delivery solutions are expertly engineered by a team of passionate craftsmen. They build each trailer from the ground up so it will work just as hard as you do. ■
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Modern Contractor Solutions, September 2014
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