Ask anyone who runs a construction company about their biggest project management issue and you’ll typically hear: “keeping plans updated across the entire organization, in and out of the field.” For an industry that relies on specificity, erroneous or outdated data can have a significant impact on a company’s profitability. When information is not shared and there is no equal access to plans, time and money are lost. To resolve this problem, the construction industry needs enterprise-wide access to the most recent, updated plans. Cloud-based solutions that provide real-time collaboration will allow construction companies to operate effectively with a single set of master plans, ostensibly creating a “single truth.”
Base Bid, Oasis in Civil Work – Oasis Takeoff
The nature of our industry’s current problems is based on a system that that has become standard practice. We have a paper-based process that is fallible: taking meticulous notes on sites, faxing contracts and change orders and approvals back and forth, and keeping decade-long paper trails for audits and other purposes. While paper-based processes are subject to human error, physical documents can easily be destroyed, and data entry creates workflow redundancies. Cloud-based digital processes can virtually eliminate these pain points and many others. In fact, as the construction industry adopts this technology, more builders and contractors will experience the value seamless communications, collaboration, and project-management solutions can offer. This is why On Center developed Oasis.
On Center Software’s new cloud-based Oasis Platform provides construction companies with up-to-date plans in real time, across an entire organization, eliminating a problem that has been a chronic bane of the industry. True multi-tenant and service-oriented cloud software brings many benefits to the construction world, including disaster recovery, lower cost of ownership, and greater flexibility to adapt to changes in the business. The platform is architected with standard integration capabilities that will enable companies, over time, to choose best-of-breed software applications and customize their individual workflows without spending the time and money to do one-off integrations.
The Oasis Platform is the foundation for seamless integration for applications across the construction project lifecycle, with robust security and data storage capabilities. The platform initially supports several cloud applications: Oasis Takeoff and Oasis FieldCenter are the first two that have been launched. Oasis Takeoff enables true team estimating and Oasis FieldCenter allows for real-time collaboration between the office and the field.
Scott Scully, senior manager, at TAS Concrete has used the technology and states, “I believe that On Center’s Oasis Platform and solutions will help in critical areas of our business. Oasis Takeoff and FieldCenter will lead to improvements in overall estimating efficiency, document control with the field, and end of the month report processes.”
The quest for a single truth is now an actionable reality; solutions like On Center’s Oasis Platform are harbingers of the construction industry’s future.
Base Bid, Oasis in Structural Steel – Oasis Takeoff
On Center Software, Inc. is a privately held company that has provided technology solutions to construction industry professionals for more than 26 years. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, the company’s mission is to provide the technology foundation that enables AEC companies to optimize profits across the entire construction project lifecycle. Customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and 60 other countries around the world leverage On Center Software’s internationally recognized solutions. ■
About The Author:
Robert Bonavito, chairman of the board at On Center Software, is a 30-year veteran of the high tech industry, having held executive roles in Fortune 500 Companies. He joined the board of On Center Software in 2014 and brings to it significant experience in growing software and SaaS companies in highly fragmented industries. For more information about On Center Software, visit, or call 866.627.6246.
Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2015
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