It’s no secret that safety is the No. 1 priority for heavy-duty operators and personnel. The extensive amount of risks requires high attention to detail, maximum awareness, and a strong support system. Safety Vision is a leading mobile surveillance provider with more than 27 years of experience with a suite of products completely customizable so they can be catered to your operations. While they are surveillance-centered in nature, the root of what they do is to streamline your security processes and enhance safety for everyone involved. In essence, they strive to be your extra pair of eyes—your dedicated safety net. 

Their durable and long-lasting cameras provide complete vehicle coverage with multiple interior and exterior placement options, ensuring the entire area is continuously recorded and monitored. When used in conjunction with their monitors, awareness and visibility is heightened in HD resolution and guarantees you can safely maneuver the surrounding area and eliminates blind spots. This not only improves safety measures but also provides recorded footage that can be used for accident reporting, to fight false claims, and to enhance operator training. The cameras record entire shifts which equips you with video that showcases favorable procedures and can help you improve unsatisfactory ones—all in all further developing your operations and trainings for all personnel and removing room for error. 

Navigating through footage is easy with the video management software that synchronizes video with the vehicle metadata. When using their software, you are empowered to better understand your operations with vehicle health reports and live-view capabilities. 

Safety Vision’s surveillance systems offer a comprehensive foundation for optimizing safety on the job. Their tailored-to-you hardware and software works hand-in-hand with your vehicle and machinery to capture the data that is important to you. Instead of focusing on surveillance management, you’re empowered to concentrate on your operations and instill a robust culture of safety for all personnel.