Essential to worker and jobsite safety is comprehensive training by Cemen Tech volumetric concrete mixer experts with multiple classes each year held at our global headquarters in Indianola, Iowa.

Safety around heavy equipment is always a top concern and the equipment itself should have features built in to keep workers and others who may be near the jobsite out of harm’s way. For decades, Cemen Tech has approached engineering and manufacturing volumetric concrete mixers with safety in mind, while also focusing on making sure operators are fully trained to keep jobsites accident-free and construction businesses productive.


Proper equipment training is essential to worker and jobsite safety. At Cemen Tech, we offer a combination of classroom instruction and on-site start up training by the most knowledgeable volumetric experts in the industry. 

Volumetric operators need to be trained on the proper way to load the cement powder, aggregates, water, admixtures, fiber, color, and so on to ensure they are producing quality concrete, but also that there is not any debris, blockages, or issues that could cause injury. 

The C Series, Cemen Tech’s fully automated volumetric concrete mixer, has an OSHA-approved work platform with safety railing, including treated non-slip ladder rungs so workers can safely climb up to the cement bin level of the mixer. 

Hands-on training at Cemen Tech’s global headquarters provides an excellent foundation for all volumetric operators.


Volumetric concrete mixers are not limited to daytime work. For night road and bridge repair, starting before dawn or when pouring in emergency situations, the C Series has additional safety measures to protect the workers when the sun is not out. 

Night operating lights come as a standard feature, which are five LED lights located near the back end of the mixer to allow for proper lighting necessary for night work and other poor lighting conditions. Strobe lights around the exterior of the vehicle assist in the safety of road workers, making the unit highly visible to all nearby or oncoming traffic. 

A new option for the C Series is the camera package—a five-camera system that allows the driver a 360-degree field of vision around the truck, including an in-cab monitoring camera. A live viewing monitor is mounted inside the chassis with the added ability of DVR recording.

If the action at the jobsite needs to take the operator away from the control panel at the mixer, they can do this safely with the wireless remote-control option. A full function remote allows the operator to control the mixer securely and wirelessly from a better vantage point. The buttons of the remote are proportionally controlled to allow for finer movements of all mixer functions.

Bright lights around the exterior of the Cemen Tech C60 volumetric concrete mixer help concrete be safely poured at any time of day while making the unit visible to all nearby.


The combination of operator training and equipment features gives contractors and jobsite managers the confidence needed to ensure jobsite safety, as well as producing quality concrete every time. 


Having volumetric mixers on the jobsite offers numerous advantages, from being able to mix and pour only the volume of concrete that is needed, to saving material costs and time that increases productivity. Most importantly, safety features on the equipment like those on the Cemen Tech C Series, help provide peace of mind and make the experience safe for those operating the mixer, as well as the workers around it. 

About the Author:

Jared Evers is a product manager with Cemen Tech, the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric technology. Its concrete mixers are used in more than 70 countries. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, February 2023
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