The Rooster Asset Tracking System is the industry’s first equipment management tool that captures every minute of equipment activity and automates reporting for as little as $1.00* per month.

The Rooster Asset Tracking System consists of Rooster Hubs, Rooster Activity Trackers, and the Rooster App portal. Rooster Hubs are robust data portals that connect to the Cloud through an integrated cellular connection to deliver equipment activity and telematics data, and accurate GPS location every 8 minutes. 

Rooster Activity Trackers are small, rugged devices that, once installed to any piece of equipment, capture activity on a minute-by-minute basis, for up to 5 years. They transmit data to Rooster Hubs up to a half mile away, or through most concrete and metal to a nearby Hub using a long-range, low-power pairing protocol based on the LoRa® communications standard and protected by more than a dozen patents issued and pending. 

Rooster offers an introductory “Asset Tracking Starter Kit,” which includes a Rooster Hub and its AC and Flying Lead power adapters, four Rooster Activity Trackers and a set of four mounting options. With a self-service, order-on-demand sales model, customers only pay for activated devices managed through the free Rooster Mobile App, which is available on Google® Play and Apple® App Store. Expanded Rooster System packs, bulk pricing and a variety of accessories are available on Rooster offers, help videos, live customer support, and referral to deployment partners by calling 844-4ROOSTR (476-6787). 

With Rooster, contractors with equipment and fleet inventory of all sizes can manage assets more effectively; export succinct, reliable reports that backup time and materials billing; and create utilization reports that help determine whether to rent, sell, or buy.  

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* Rooster Activity Tracker subscription is $1.00 (USD) and Rooster Hub subscription is $10.00 (USD) per month. At least one Hub is required. Cost of equipment varies, visit for more details.