Rhumbix, a mobile platform designed for smarter construction sites, announces its integration in to the Cost Management Module as part of the Autodesk BIM 360 platform. Via this cloud-based, paperless solution, general contractors and subcontractors will be able to better manage their field change orders through digital reporting, tracking, and approval of Time and Material tags.

Autodesk users will be able to see details such as hours, times, equipment costs, and expenditures for T&M tags in the Potential Change Order (PCO) module of the BIM 360 Cost Management tool. This allows for an instant and clearer understanding of what the true costs of a PCO are. Only approved cost item numbers will be passed to Rhumbix, ensuring that all tags are categorized correctly with the proper supporting documentation.

“Our technology is proven and we continue to work with those in the field to fine tune our digital tools to address and eliminate the problems associated with paper tags,” says Rhumbix CEO and co-founder Zach Scheel. “By fully integrating this digital solution on the Autodesk BIM 360 platform, general contractors and subcontractors will have the opportunity to seamlessly drive efficiency through data. Moreover, it will allow them to be competitive as BIM continues to grow in the U.S. as it is throughout the world.” For more, visit www.rhumbix.com.