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PierTech Systems, with headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri, announces the receipt of ESR-3969 from the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), for the company’s new and improved 2.875-inch (73 mm) helical pile system and brackets. This product is in compliance with the newly revised ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria (AC358) and provisions of the 2015, 2012, and 2009 International Building Code (IBC). ESR-3969 includes the newly patented Cross Lock Connection on all lead and extension sections, a new construction bracket, and the company’s patented Tru-Lift Bracket for underpinning existing foundations.
“At PierTech, we take pride in providing excellent customer service and innovative products. After years of watching contractors struggle with bolt hole elongation and lost time making pile connections, we set out to design a superior product that would eliminate these issues. The Cross Lock Connection is the solution. Customers using this product tell us they save up to 50 percent on their installation time.” says Kevin Kaufman, president of PierTech Systems.
PierTech’s patented Cross Lock Connection boasts some major improvements on the conventional pipe sleeve coupler, including:

  • Instant alignment
  • Complete steel on steel connection
  • Torque is fully contained in the coupling
  • Zero bolt hole elongation during installation

PierTech engineer, Michael Wilkis, comments about the company’s accomplishment. “We understand the importance of having independently accredited products for our customers. Our team has worked around the clock to have our new patented 2.875-inch Cross Lock Connection System in compliance with the top building codes in the world and in time for the 2017 construction season.”
As the helical pile industry continues to grow each year, it is more important than ever for engineers and building officials to choose manufacture’s products with confidence knowing they are in compliance with AC358. PierTech Systems is proud to now offer products with this important designation.
In addition to its ICC certified 27/8-inch helical pile system, PierTech also manufactures a number of other foundation products and installation equipment, including various size helical piers and anchors, a high capacity pile line called the “Hercules” pier, helical and Hercules pile installation equipment, a push pier system, push pier installation equipment, and various foundation repair products.
PierTech products can be used to build new foundations or to repair existing foundations. Some of the markets PierTech products have been utilized include residential, commercial, industrial, solar and wind energy, and the oil and gas industry.
PierTech Systems offers a full line of solid square shaft helical anchors, and round tubular helical piles for residential and light commercial applications. The square shaft product line comes in either 1½-inch or 1¾-inch solid square bar, and is typically used as a tieback or dead man for retaining wall anchors, guy wire tie downs, or tilt-up brace supports. All square shaft product is manufactured with high-strength, American-made steel. The standard round shaft product line comes in either 27/8-inch or 3.5-inch outside diameter, and is typically used as a foundation support for building compressive loads in either new construction or repair applications.
For repairing or adding support to an existing foundation, PierTech Systems offers a patented underpinning bracket called the Tru-Lift Bracket. The Tru-Lift bracket is lightweight and easy to use. When installed properly, the bracket will draw into the foundation as load is applied.

PierTech Systems is revolutionizing the construction industry with the high-capacity Hercules Pile. The Hercules Pile is a large diameter tubular helical pile that delivers greater stability and capacity than the typical slender shaft helical pile. The Hercules Pile is essentially a pipe pile that is screwed into the ground rather than driven in. Many engineers thought that screw pile technology was only suitable for residential or light commercial applications. However, the Hercules pile is shattering those assumptions. The PierTech Hercules Pile has been successfully installed to loads in excess of 500 tons while retaining all of the features that make traditional helical piles so easy to work with. This includes zero vibration during installation so your work does not negatively affect other building’s foundations, low noise installation, all weather installation, and hassle-free minimal excavation requirements. This makes it the perfect choice for commercial applications, including large multi-story construction projects.
PierTech systems manufacturing facilities use a rigid quality control program to insure their helical pier products meet or exceed all industry standards. All welding is performed by certified AWS welders. All helical pier materials are offered with an optional ASTM A123/153 hot-dip galvanize coating.
Beyond the scope of its products and manufacturing, PierTech provides expert support to get your job done right the first time. The support starts with the initial phone call, as one of PierTech’s knowledgeable sales staff gives you the information you need without pressuring you for the sale. If you would like to attend one of its top-of-the-line, free installation training seminars, you will get to meet the team while you learn the basics. While you are at PierTech’s training facility, you will get the opportunity to see the products and installation equipment first hand. The support won’t stop after you leave training, as PierTech’s in-office engineering staff will assist you in the bid process, answer technical questions with your engineers or building officials, and can even consult onsite if the project demands it. ■
About the Author:  PierTech’s knowledgeable staff has more than 30 years of experience in deep foundation projects. If you have poor soils, or are just simply looking for alternative to a traditional concrete foundation, call PierTech Systems at 866.536.5007, or visit
Modern Contractor Solutions – January 2017
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