University researchers at Edith Cowan University (Western Australia) were turning up the intensity and frequency of their testing program which examined the strength and durability of concrete screw anchors to determine their point of failure. Not only was the university intensifying the testing program, it also demanded the safest, most precise and reliable pump available to power its Enerpac RRH307 double-acting 30-ton capacity hollow pull-cylinder mounted in a reaction frame with load cells and displacement transducers.


Researchers in the university’s School of Engineering developed a testing rig for an expanded program. The testing program uses powerful industrial hydraulics to test, measure, and accurately predict the tensile loading capacity and failure point of screw anchors used to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. These screw anchors are commonly used worldwide in building, construction and infrastructure projects. It was important to the researchers that they be a thought leader in this area, so they were determined to have the most precise results imaginable.

It is clear to see that the testing program needed something with serious chops. The ongoing program includes a series of hundreds of tests using an Enerpac cylinder mounted in a reaction frame with load cells and displacement transducers to measure results of multiple tests, including predicting the tensile strength of screw anchors failing.


These key traits the university researchers were demanding from their pump were non-negotiable. More specifically, the researchers also needed a pump that would be available for high-frequency repetitive work without overheating or delay. The research team didn’t have to search very far for a pump that would fit into their specific parameters. So, where does one go for a pump that can be safe and tough, gritty and precise, brains and muscle?


Enter Enerpac. A new generation Enerpac hydraulic pump designed to provide extraordinary speed, control, and precision no doubt demonstrated its credentials in the demanding testing. In one of the first global applications of the new Enerpac E-Pulse™ high efficiency hydraulic pumps, the university researchers are using its superior flow characteristics and innovative motor controls to power hydraulic pull cylinders used to test the tough anchors increasingly used on jobsites worldwide.

The durable Enerpac E-Pulse pump was the solution that the university specified in a partnership with Enerpac distributor, Cooper Fluid Systems. The researchers knew the Enerpac E-Pulse pump would be the right candidate for their testing program as it is specifically engineered to work in the toughest environments. The new pump at Edith Cowan University was configured by Enerpac to include an integrated pressure gauge, cooling fan and heat exchanger kit. Availability of such options off the shelf is an advantage that expands the versatility and applications of the excellent standard E-Pulse design.

Enerpac E-Pulse pumps are available with five valve options including a version for bolting applications. The pumps feature new “Smart Controls” that enable the motor to maintain constant power and provide higher flow than traditional .75 kW (one-half horsepower) pumps. Brains and muscle packed into one pump. Adjustable speed control provides extraordinary precision as needed, while the E-Pulse pumps also feature a new interactive pendant that delivers visual and tactile feedback, programming and diagnostic status to the operator through yellow, green, and red LEDs and vibration pulses.


The researchers quickly found that the power, sensitivity, and flexibility of the new pumps make the Enerpac E-Pulse pumps ideal for their anchor bolt testing application.

The new E-Pulse pump was only recently released globally and is engineered with the same standards of reliability, durability, and safety that makes Enerpac an internationally known leader in the industry. The university recognized this and saw that the new E-Pulse pump technology was the perfect solution for their testing program. They were one of the first in the world to jump on the opportunity to utilize the new pump, and the new design was able to stand up to the test.

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Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2020
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