Pat Hagenbuch is remembered as an influential co-founder of Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc., beloved mother, grandmother, and community philanthropist.

As we recognize women in the construction industry, we honor and remember those who paved the way with their passion and dedication for their work. As a female pioneer of the industry, Pat Hagenbuch of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. played an influential role for many businesswomen.


Surrounded by the comfort her beloved family, Hagenbuch passed away on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Apart from her dedication to her family business, she was famously known for the generous contributions she made to her family, the Peoria, Illinois, community and to the off-highway truck industry. 

Pat Hagenbuch, co-founder of Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc. and female pioneer in the industry, passed away on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, at the age of 79 in the company of her loving family.

“She was a force for good and touched people in many ways. The legacy she leaves behind will forever impact our family and our business,” says Danette Swank, Hagenbuch’s first-born daughter and current president of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. “She was a role model to our family and community by demonstrating how to be a hard worker, to show humility, and how to look for the good in others. Her vision and commitment to Philippi-Hagenbuch propelled the company to grow and improve throughout the years.”

Hagenbuch’s parents L.B. “Phil” and Gladys Philippi welcomed her into the world on November 4, 1942, in Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up, her family moved several times until they decided to name Peoria, Illinois, their home in 1959. Hagenbuch graduated from Peoria High School and continued her education at Christian College in Columbia, Missouri, and then at Bradley University, where she majored in marketing and business administration with a minor in retailing. 


Shortly after joining in marriage to LeRoy Hagenbuch in 1968, she and LeRoy founded Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. in 1969 along with her father, L.B., who was an experienced engineer. The company brought to life L.B.’s visions for what the mining industry needed—specifically tailgates on off-highway haul trucks. Upon her father’s death in 1977, she and LeRoy took ownership of the business, where she started dedicating her time to the administration department by managing accounting and operations.


Along with her passion for the family business, Hagenbuch also developed a heart for extending a helping hand and being a light in the community. 

“She touched many lives with her generosity and had a knack for seeking out and serving those in need,” says Josh Swank, Danette’s husband and vice president of sales and marketing for Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. “Reflections of her countless contributions and the impact she has had will carry on well beyond this day.” 


Many women commemorate Hagenbuch for her dedication, passion, leadership, and generous heart that greatly influenced the industry. To learn more about Pat Hagenbuch’s life and legacy, visit 

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